#LBBPicks: Where To Go For Warm, Spiced Mulled Wine

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Sangria is out and mulled wine is in, as Delhi’s temperatures drop and a thick blanket of fog {pollution?} envelopes the city we love. Spiced, hot and comforting – like a big hug – we can’t imagine sipping on anything more perfect than this brew, right now.

Perch Wine & Coffee Bar

Perch has dibs on anything wine-related, so of course they’re serving glasses of hot mulled wine. They’ve recently given their menu an overhaul as well, so we can think of two reasons to splurge on yourself at Perch this weekend.

If you’re not too fond of hot beverages, they also have a white Iced Spice Wine.

Coast Cafe

Coast Cafe has won the loyalty of Delhi’s foodies, who come back for the Fish Tacos again and again. The food at this Hauz Khas village haunt is always worth writing home about and a glass of their red mulled wine will just take it to the next level.

They have winter-special desserts too – ask for the Pumpkin Spiced Pie or the Sticky Toffee Pudding.

The Wine Company

This one is a no-brainer, right? There’s ‘wine’ in their name so yes, they’re brewing a big batch of mulled wine to keep G-Towners warm, this winter.

A glass of their mulled wine will leave you feeling happy and fuzzy, without burning too big a hole in the pocket of your coat {a glass is for INR 375}.

Smokehouse Deli

Smokehouse Deli has upped the boozy game with their month-long Mulled Wine festival! In addition to their SHD Classic Mulled Wine, infused with autumn fruits, spices and smoked pomegranate, they’re also pouring a Hot Toddy and a Better Than Bailey’s Hot Chocolate {tall order, but maybe they can pull it off?}

A glass of their mulled wine will set you back by INR 475.


Guppy’s happy environ and delish Asian khaana can only be made more memorable if you’re sipping on some mulled wine. A regular feature on their menu when winter comes knocking, their Red Mulled Wine will cost you INR 520, inclusive of all taxes.

Cocktails & Dreams Speakeasy

You’re already familiar with Sector 29’s cocktail legend – their drinks are actually reason enough to drive down to Gurugram. Imagine our excitement when they told us that they’ve put their Classic Red Mulled Wine back on the menu, this winter.

It’ll make you feel all the feels and we highly recommend ordering a glass {or five}. Order up some warmth for INR 395, plus taxes.

Sakley’s The Mountain Cafe

If you can’t get away to the mountains, this is the next best thing. Their mulled wine, christened Winter Mountain, is infused with herbs and spices and is now on the menu. A glass will cost you INR 595 but we promise, it’s money well-spent.