Looking To Learn Something New? Try Aikido To Heal And Stay Healthy

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What Makes It Awesome

Looking to find that peace of mind you’ve been craving? Well, you can start learning Aikido, a unique, contemporary Japanese martial art that’ll help you regain some body strength and heal you mentally, emotionally and physically.

The literal translation of Aikido is “the way of unity with the fundamental force of the universe” and it delves in to the efficient utilisation of the whole person. The whole idea is for the practitioner is to gain great power even though they may not have physical strength. Apart from all this, it nurtures the inner strength and spiritual side of the individual.

Aikido is helpful for everyone and is a great way to balance your entire being and keep yourself centred.

The New Delhi Aikido Dojo is promoting the tradition style of Aikido in India and is the most active Aikido school in India with 15 adult classes. The classes are taken by men, women, kids, professionals, dancers, athletes and even the physically handicapped (there is no competition in this form of martial art and each trains according to his/her capability).

Sensei Paritos Kar (fifth dan black belt) will train you with his experience and knowledge in this form of martial art. To find out more about classes and schedules, check out their website.

Like any fitness regime Aikido is good for one’s health. With regular practice you can align your body with the flow of your breath for a more balanced harmonious movement. It also helps improve circulation. Apart from that Aikido is also a healing art. It helps accept defeat channelising you mental and spiritual strength.

Well, it seems like a great package deal to us!

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