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No Kidding, You Can Drape These Gorgeous "Instant Wear Sarees" In 30 Seconds!

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What Makes It Awesome

Despite having had worn sarees on multiple occasions, we still haven't quite wrapped (pun intended) our heads around the process of actually draping one. It's either those minute-long YouTube tutorials or our moms helping us out. But no more, ladies. Aseem by AseemShakti is a clothing brand where you can find instant-wear sarees that can be worn in 30 seconds (no kidding). Intrigued much? Read on. 

AseemShakti, a wonderful social enterprise spearheaded by Swati Singh, launched this Indianwear brand with the simple objective of making our lives easier and we couldn't be more thankful. With a task force of superwomen, they launched these easy-to-drape, super functional sarees. Aseem's instant-wear sarees are patent approved and come with a pocket too for keeping your phones, keys and other essentials. Just keeps getting better. These sarees also come with an attached underskirt. No more looking around for matching petticoats, y'all! 

Aseem's collection houses some lovely mul (INR 2,800 plus shipping) and chanderi (INR 3,600 plus shipping) cotton sarees.  We haven't even told you the best part yet. You can get your own sarees converted into instant-wear ones (with pockets) at INR 1,500. These kind folks offer a pick-up service as well. Honestly, we were already sold at the instant-wear bit of it, but all these things just made it better for us. 

Price: INR 3,000 - INR 8,000


They offer a super discount of 15% if you're getting more than 3 sarees converted. And if it's more than 5, they give you a 15% discount plus free shipping (woohoo).

Want to know more? Hit up the "Enquire Now" button and get all your queries sorted directly by the team at Aseem.