Attend School With Your Dog At K9

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K9 School is a dog-training facility unlike any other, specialising in providing both mental and physical exercise to your pooch with their dog gym and behaviour and obedience training sessions, besides other basic services.

Who’s A Good Boy?

K9 is open for all, and holds experience in working with month-old pups right up to 15-year-old seniors. They also have certain batches specifically designed for the young ones, so they learn socialisation early within controlled environments.

Apart from behaviour counselling {a boon for dog-parents struggling to understand their pets}, the K9 facility also houses a one-of-its-kind dog gym, which seeks to introduce activities like weight-pulling and wall climbing, and also includes a massive pool for hydrotherapy. Talk about being ‘ruff and tough’?

The centre focuses on the involvement of the owner along with dog, so the lessons benefit both sides.

School = Fun

The centre focuses on training which is dynamic and fruitful, so it’s fun for both the dog and the owner. They can also help in teaching the dog a number of creative tricks, so it’s not ‘all work and no play’ {we hope teaching responses to Harry Potter spells is a thing}. Plus, the centre is also working towards more serious objectives, like training protection dogs and therapy dogs.

A session with trainers like Adnan Khan at K9 lasts around two hours, and covers all aspects of how the dog thinks and behaves, a demonstration of obedience commands, and ways to counter behaviour issues, among other useful advice on pet lifestyle. They also offer boarding facilities, and are planning to launch other programmes like obesity management.

Drop by with your furball for a session, or just to get some fun time in their pool.