Fondant, Roses And A World of Baking Paraphernalia

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For some of us, baking is quite the stress buster; whipping the batter, rolling out the dough, popping it in the oven and watching it turn a beautiful golden brown. You might make the yummiest, moistest chocolate cake and the gooy-iest brownies, but when it comes to making our baking look pretty, we all need a little bit of help. Here’s our list of the go-to places when we’re planning to bake that perfect dessert, both for decorations as well as for essentials.


The Culinary and Cake Decorating School not only offers a bunch of courses for aspiring bakers but also has its own shop. Complete with Kitchen Aid, baking tools, fondant sheets, cake toppers, cake tins, cookie cutters, moulds, icings and a wide variety of food colours, they’ve got your small and big baking endeavours alike covered.

Baker Solutions

Head here if you want edible sugar toys, sprinkles, metallic sugar beads, frosting tubes, sugar décor kit, cupcake holders and even fancy cake boxes for transporting your creation around in style. They also do frequent baking workshops, in case you’re looking to learn.

Cake Craft Shop

Tools for crafting that perfect rose, rolling pins, silicon onlays, texture mats, edible photo prints, cupcake liners, packaging material – these are just some of the goodies you’ll find at the Cake Craft Shop. If chocolate’s more your cup of tea, they have some great moulds and tools to make the magic happen.


Pigmento prides itself on supplying raw materials for a bunch of activities {such as handicrafts, rangoli, candles} including baking and chocolate making. They not only have bake ware in different varieties, but also basic ingredients and not-so-basic ingredients like fondant.

The Batter House

Forget all those rushed trips to the nearest dairy. The Batter House has whipping cream powder, which you can store at your house and take out at your whim. They keep everything you could possibly need for your baking adventures, from ingredients, baking tools {we love the cake slicer and the colourful rolling pins}, chocolate molds, cookie cutters, cutesy edible cake toys, packaging and even premixes for those who don’t want to start that birthday cake from scratch!

Modern Bazaar

When in doubt, drive down to the nearest Modern Bazaar. More often than not, they have what you need, or at the least, a close substitute. From basics like flour, eggs and fruit, to cake mixes, ready-made frosting and a bunch of food colouring {in both liquid and powder options}, they may not have the fancy flowers, but they make the baking process possible.