Vegan Protein To Cocktail Mixes: Here Are The Selected Brands Of basecamp


    LBB and RSPG Capital Ventures are thrilled to announce the first set of selected companies for basecamp, an accelerator focussed on early stage consumer brands that are made in India, made for the world. The goal of basecamp is to build a community of entrepreneurs who are on a mission to create world-class consumer brands for millennial customers. And we believe that these brands solve for unique and diverse customer needs. Here they are...

    Eat With Better


    Available on LBB

    Co-Founders: Keertida Phadke & Karan Bajaj

    Offering alternative meat products that are vegan, and made with Jackfruit, Eat With Better is all about clean eating, healthy options and subtle flavours. With founders, Keertida and Karan bring different but complementary experience to this food start-up, the brand not only aims to bring non-meat options to the market, but they also strive to make it planet-friendly. Sustainable, natural, and of course, entirely plant-based, Better offers indulgent, and innovative options that use jackfruit to make everything from kheema to meatballs and even kebabs and burgers.



    Available on LBB

    Founders: Jovita & Jordan Mascarenhas

    This mother-son duo dived into the niche but exciting market of DIY cocktail mixers, after the pandemic triggered them to set out on a mission to offer an exquisite bar experience at home. Jordan, a trained mixologist, crafts unique flavours that go well beyond your usual classic cocktails. So, for those looking for #SomethingDifferent, Bartisans is the perfect find. Lavender, smoked pineapple, betel leaf, and hibiscus are only a few of the ingredients and flavours they play with. You can count on Jovita and Jordan to give you an at-home happy hour experience that really raises the bar! 


    Curry It

    Available Online

    Co-Founders: Richa Sharma  & Nischal Kandula

    When two experienced folks come together to start-up, things spice up...literally, in the case of CurryIt. With the aim of breaking down extravagant recipes, and making it easy to make elaborate meals at home, CurryIt makes ready-to-cook pastes for Indian food. Packing in all the flavours without the mess, the founders have really gone into details, thanks to their love for food. Hyderabadi Biryani, Chettinad Masala, Kashmiri Rogan Josh and Dal Makhani are now simple to make. #JustCurryIt

    Born Good

    Born Good

    Available on LBB

    Founder: Mohit Belani

    Born out of a realisation that every effort needed to be made to be ecologically sustainable, Mohit Belani’s Born Good is a brand that makes plant-based home cleaners - from dishwashing gel to almost four types of laundry detergents. Using essential oils to give the cleaning products a fragrance, all the ingredients are plant-based, said to be gentler on the skin, and don’t destroy your clothes either. We love that Mohit has been able to draw on those experiences to balance effectiveness of these contemporary products with to negate the negative impact of traditional detergents. Plus, it’s safe for adults, kids and pets alike. The packaging too is designed to be reused. 


    House This

    Available on LBB

    Founder: Shikha Pahwa

    Making our homes more beautiful, one cushion cover, bed sheet or even plate at a time, HouseThis began with a simple mission to create a homegrown brand that delivers quality products, in style and production. As a lover of art and culture beyond just decor, founder, Shikha paired up Indian aesthetics with contemporary designs to create stunning decor pieces, whether it’s your living room that needs a makeover or a bedroom that needs an upgrade. Since 2011, they’re now in over 100 offline stores, major online retailers and you can find their conscious designs on their website. 



    Available on LBB

    Founder: Vinod Naik

    Behind every woman on a mission is a handbag to keep all her essentials in place. Vivinkaa is a label we love for their gorgeous bags, made with fabrics sourced from all across India by artisans who are preserving (and celebrating) our rich culture. Their founder, Vinod Naik, has built up the brand in just 4 years to be an award-winning one, thanks to the care that goes into designing, sourcing, and production of the bags. Made with vegan leather and high quality cottons, the bags are cruelty-free and eco-friendly whilst still being easy on the pocket. From totes & crossbody bags to laptop bags & backpacks, every bag is made to celebrate all things Indian. 


    Pronounced like 'wow', this startup is building high protein vegetarian foods that suit the Indian taste palate and habits. Say goodbye to artificially-flavoured protein shakes, chewy bars and fake meats, PLOW is here to make healthy eating fun and desi. If you want to try their products, email them on, and they will send you free samples.

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