#LBBPicks: Our Favourite Places For A Sweet Cookie Fix

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There’s no stopping the cookie monster within us and when he decides to come out, there’s nothing to do but go score some cookies. Since we’re in this mode more often than not, we’ve put our go-to places on speed dial and you can have a bite too.


Subway’s cookie quality has gone down a bit over the years but they did start the cookie culture in Delhi and for that, we’ll be forever grateful. Even now, their soft cookie, warm cookie makes us feel all fuzzy inside, especially on a rainy day.

We personally prefer the regular chocolate chip cookie but if you’re super obsessed with chocolate, the double chocolate cookie might serve you better.


If you’re from Pune, have been to Pune or have ever met someone from Pune, chances are you’ve come across the famous Shrewsbury cookie. We discovered a while ago that we can stop pestering our Pune acquaintances, for they’re available at SodaBottleOpenerWala- yay!

The original version of the buttery cookies always perks us up but you can also opt for nutty versions.


Sea. Salt. Nutella. Cookies. Bombaykery takes a regular chocolate cookie, fills it with Nutella and sprinkles a little bit of sea salt on it giving it an extra crunch. The flavours blend with each other beautifully.

#LBBTip: Pop these in the microwave for a few seconds so that the filling gets all molten and then bite in. Yum.


One of the most accessible cafes, Starbucks is doing good things with both its coffee and its dessert. Next time you stop by for a cuppa, do try the Java Chip Chocolate cookie full of dark chocolate-y goodness.

The Almond Butterscotch cookie’s a good option if you’ve already got chocolate in your drink.

Georgia Dakota

Georgia Dakota taught us to enjoy desserts while staying healthy. It might sound oxymoronic but it’s true: Her Dipped and Swirled Oatmeal Chocolate cookies are proof. If you’re looking for something out of the box, the Ginger Cardamom cookies should be on your radar.


We wouldn’t perhaps recommend Diggin if all you’re looking for is a cookie. But if you’re already here and feasting on their Carbonara Pasta and Baked Goat Cheese {we’re so jealous, right now}, it might be worth packing a few of their oatmeal cookies for the road. They’re crunchy, crumbly and very tasty.

Whisk A Wish

Whisk A Wish is a home bakery that focuses on healthy wholesome ingredients. Try their eggless peanut butter and choco chip wholewheat cookies and you’ll never stop ordering. The Monster Chocolate Chip Cookie with mixed nuts is another one of our favourites.

Whole Foods

Whole Foods may have deceived you with their branding- they’re not the famous American chain by the same name. But they are undoubtedly doing some good things. Their lemon cookies, for instance. Not only do they have pretty scalloped edges, but they taste oh-so-lemony- the perfect balance of tangy and sweet.

And the fact that a packet of cookies isn’t translating into an extended waistline makes them just a little bit more perfect.

Dessert Art By Deepali Modi

Dessert Art‘s red velvet cookies have our hearts. They’re large, chewy and infused with bits of white chocolate chips. It might be worth checking out their rotating cakes while you’re at it.

PS: You need to place your orders in advance.