Dosa Lovers, Carnatic Cafe Is Now Delivering!

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What Makes It Awesome

Get ready to transport yourself to Karnataka! This cafe in GK-2 will make sure to pamper you with nothing but the best finger-licking South Indian food.

Everyone who has tried Carnatic Cafe's dosas and different chutneys will tell you how special this place is. When you are in a mood to hog on some authentic South Indian food, then just drop by! Oh, and not to forget that they prepare food in desi ghee so, it's always a good idea to not think about the diet when you are here. Though we absolutely love everything here, we still cannot get over their dosas and here are our favourites (we are way too nice).

Malleshwaram 18th Cross — This one came out the clear winner of the lot because of its tangy flavours and the right amount of spice, and scored a perfect 10 on our fluffiness index. Tear off a big piece, dip it in the sambar and any one—if not all—of the three very patriotic-looking chutneys, and you’re good to go.

Manina Maga — This has groundnut chutney spread all over a super-fluffy dosa (really, how do they make their dosas so fluffy?!) and is a real treat for the tastebuds. With Karnataka Bayadgi chili included in the mix, this dish was packed with flavour.

Bombat — The description on the menu (spicy cinnamon garlic chutney and white butter) really piqued our curiosity. Once the dosa arrived, we were more than impressed with the subtle flavouring of cinnamon. This is one combination we never expected to enjoy so much. While the outside looks a lot like the Malleshwaram dosa, it is on the inside where the two really differ.

If you are not a dosa person (which is too sad), do try their Dahi Vada and Thatte Idli for a hearty meal. The cafe also has outlets in Gurgaon and Noida and you do not need any reservation. Weekends can get busy but considering the situation right now, we suggest you sit back, relax, and order-in.

What Could Be Better

We've also tried the Neer here, which comes with a coconut jaggery chutney on the side and we did not actually enjoy it. The one we had tried in Karnataka was way thinner than Carnatic Cafe's. But, if you have a dominant sweet tooth, you may enjoy this.


They are home delivering so get to ordering!