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Steamed, Fried Or Tandoori: 22 Places In Delhi For The Best Momos

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As Dilliwale, we can’t help but have a special place in our heart for street food, and momos, in particular, tops our list, especially when they’re accompanied by that deadly chilli chutney.

While we all have our Go-to momowala when the craving strikes, we’ve listed out some of our favourites that every Dilliwala swears by.

With inputs from Nitya Cyriac, Mitali Goyal, and Chavvi Joshi.  

Hunger Strike

Contrary to its name, this is where all hunger strikes come to an end. Their claim to fame? Tandoori Momo; momo with a charred twist served with a creamy dip. There is a perfect balance of cream and other spices in every bite. The place is super crowded in the evenings and for all the right reasons too. 

Price: INR 140 onwards

Brown Sugar

Ask a South-Delhi person where to get the Best Momos, we will direct you to Brown Sugar and rightly so. Brown Sugar at GK-1 is the hub of every momo lover, with classic steamed momos winning our heart. For someone who has had momos from almost every corner of Delhi, Brown Sugar remains undefeated.

Pro-Tip: Order Lemon Ice-Tea After Having the momos to make your experience all the more refreshing.

Price: INR 160 Onwards.

Yeti – The Himalayan Kitchen

Newari momo with sesame sauce - need we say more? Yeti also serves some of the most delectable aloo momo we’ve ever had. Pair it with a pint of beer and you’re all set for the evening. They are known for the authentic Nepalese and Tibetan cuisine that they serve. 

Price: INR 275 onwards

Yashwant Place

Fried chicken momo, steamed chicken momo, lamb momo and pork momo; Yashwant Place has it all. We recommend Chimney Sizzlers in particular here (shop 11) where not only is the food a level above the rest, but you can ask the waiter to hook you up with some alcohol too. Oh, they also serve fish steam momo and prawn steam momo, for all the sea food lovers out there. 

Price: INR 150 onwards 


This almost hidden Tibetan café on the Shivalik road has some great finds for all you momo fans. Available in chicken, vegetarian, paneer and pork, Pema’s momos are best had steamed.

Price: INR 160 onwards

Tee Dee

Majnu ka Tila is momo central but if you find yourself in a bit of a pickle about which joint to try from the many, we say Tee Dee. Choose from a bunch of steamed, fried or even soupy momo in vegetarian, chicken and beef variants.

#LBBTip: They also do a fabulous tingmo (steamed bread).

Price: INR 100 onwards

Momo’s Point

The guys at Momo’s Point have all the usual momos (and great ones at that) but in addition also do some interesting Masala Momo, with a desi spin, for all you spice lovin’ peeps. They have steamed, fried, masala, tandoori, afghani and momo tossed in honey. 

Price: INR 139 onwards

Dilli Haat

An all-time favourite, Dilli Haat is a haven for momos of all kinds. From chicken, paneer, vegetarian to pork, the North-Eastern stalls here have our momo needs covered to the T. Lost on where to grab a bite? We suggest the Sikkim and the Nagaland stall.

Price: INR 120 onwards (approximately)

Giri Momos & Chinese Fast Food

Ever tried mozzarella momo? Maybe it’s time you did. Giri has one of the largest momo menus we’ve ever come across with Afghani Momo, Cheese Momo, Cocktail Momo, Manchuria Momo, Mushroom Momo and even a Hot Garlic Momo option. There’s plenty of both non-vegetarian as well as veggie options.

Price: INR 30 onwards

QD’s Restaurant

If you're strolling down the lanes of Satya Niketa, you must visit this paradise for Momo lovers. QD’s is perhaps the first place to have given the momo a tandoori twist. Although lots of places are doing this successfully now, QD’s game remains strong with their classic vegetarian and chicken tandoori momo. 

Price: INR 189 onwards

Street, The Momos

Ever wished your momo plate to never end? This momo place in Jamia will make you feel like going on an endless Momo feast. The best part about the momos here is that they glaze it with butter on top and it comes with two chutneys that make it a super hit combo. The food joint has had a humble beginning but due to the overwhelming love shown by the public, they might just open up their own café. 

Price: INR 60 onwards


For one of the best-fried chicken momo in time, Hawkers in Vasant Kunj is the place to be. Vegetarians, don’t fret, they also have paneer and vegetable options too. The momo comes in three variants, steamed, fried and pan-fried. 

Price: INR 90 onwards (approximately)

Kwic Bitte

Take a break between all that crazy shopping and have some delicious momos. Situated in the bustling Sarojini Nagar Market, Quick Bitte serves some of the juiciest momos in town. Whereas we love our momo fried, we’d suggest sticking to the steamed ones here to really get a taste of the juicy fillings. 

Price: INR 90 onwards

Dolma Aunty Momos

We might get called out if we don’t put this on the list, so here. For that quick plate of momo with some seriously fiery chutney, Dolma Aunty Momos in the main Lajpat Nagar market hits the spot every time. They also have an outlet in Kamla Nagar

Price: INR 60 onwards


Started at DDA Market Sukhdev Vihar, this food joint moved wheels by starting their own food truck at Jamia which turned out to be a super hit and they opened up their permanent spot at Jamia Nagar, serving some delicious Chinese food. Their momos are what one would call authentic dumplings that are super filling and full of stuffing.

Pro-Tip: We’d recommend you try their Chicken Drumsticks, you’ll thank us for the recommendation.

Price: INR 100 onwards

D'Momo Factory

This Amar Colony eatery does 40+ varieties of momo including Pasta, Schezwan, Tandoori Malai and Prawn Momo. They even offer Wheat Momo (for momo-binging minus the guilt!). In case you want to try a bit of everything, order their momo platter with options like Oriental Veg, Paneer/Chicken Tikka, Whole Wheat and more. Oh and they deliver till 1am. 

Price: INR 180 onwards

Chalte Firte Momos & Special Foods

This place serves more than 100 types of momos and they have about 10 types of tandoori momos. The must-try ones here are Tandoori Afghani Momos. 

Price: INR 70 onwards

Variations Momos King

Doing a justice to the name, this place serves about 200 momos, each being one of a kind. The only thing that sets it back is the absence of any non-vegetarian momos. Don’t gasp just yet. Save it for the moment after you’ve tried their onion momos and Maggi momos.

Price: INR 50 onwards 

Ama Thakali

Another gem in Majnu Ka Tila, we can’t get over the Jhol Momo with Nepalese gravy every bite of which will be a party in your mouth. Fair warning, you can’t just stop at one plate here.

Price: INR 140 onwards

Momo Queen

Momo Queen has one of the juiciest momos you can endeavour in Vasant Kunj. They have spicy Jhol Momos, Darjeeling Style Momos, Tadka Momos and more. Their servings are extremely filling and you would need some will to stop yourself from ordering another plate. 

Price: INR 160 onwards (approximately)

Momo Hut

This delivery-only outlet in Noida has over 20 options for momos. Butter Masala Momos, Mushroom Momos, Cheese Corn Momos and so on. They even have a Vegan Momo Burger which we aren't too sure about so we'd suggest you stick to classic momos unless you want to experiment. 

Price: INR 140 onwards (approximately)



icon-placeAvailable Online

Located in South Delhi, Mood is a home kitchen that delivers the most delectable home-style Momos in South Delhi. We're talking Veg and Chicken Momo meals along with some authentic Tibetan, Bhutanese and Lepcha dishes that'll make you come back for more. Head over to their IG to place your orders and do it soon. 

Price: Momo meals start at INR 600 upwards 


Now that you have your momos sorted, how about you buy some instant noodles and make yourself a meal? While we can never not have a craving for momos but just in case you wish to try something different before you get back to your momo-hogging-fest, Shop On LBB has some great options for snacks, DIY meals and lots more. 

Don’t make an opinion about any of these places until you try it since otherwise you will hurt Momo's fillings (Pun intended.)