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Nature Therapy 101: Nine Sure Shot Ways To Bring Nature Into Your City Homes


    We sure love nature therapy every once in a while. But let's be real, we don't have the time to go forest bathing on the regular, unless we're in a profession that pays us to do so (hire us, please). Or we can't go trekking every time we feel like it because of the constricting binds of our city lives. The question that follows is, how do we experience the majesty of nature while staying in our respective concrete jungles? We'll tell you how. 

    Bring Home Some House Plants

    All That Grass

    Available on LBB

    Folks who have a terrace garden or huge open garden spaces, you're golden. If not, then you can get your dose of green by welcoming a few houseplants and planting them in rustic planters. This one by AllThatGrass is made up of kauna (reed) grass. These are eco-friendly planters that will add that much needed raw flair to your space. 

    Price: INR 900

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    Breath All Things Natural


    Available on LBB

    The raw scent of trees, wildflowers and fruits, moist grass is believed to have calming effects on our nerves. Helping us recreate walking past trees, over wet mosses are scented candles that take us right where we wish to be. The Crackling Cedarwood from Armatuer is made of soy wax and comes in an elegant glass container with a wooden lid. It'll leave your rooms smelling of dark wood and slightly musky. 

    Price: INR 980 

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    Or Perhaps Indulge In Botanical Aromatherapy

    Ajna Organics

    Available on LBB

    You'd need an essential oil or a reed diffuser for this. You can use essential oils like Tea Tree, Lavender, Lemongrass or other earthy scents that calm your nerves. This Earther Pot ceramic reed diffuser by Ajna Organics is great to uplift your rooms with these natural aromas. Simply pour a few drops of essential oils, place the absorbent sticks and wait for the magic to happen. 

    Price: INR 260

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    Use Nature Landscapes As Wall Decor


    Available on LBB

    The time you went on that trek with your friend during college? Pick out landscapes that'd take you back there and get them framed. If you're lazy to do that then this adhesive Nature Wall Panel by Custde will work too. It's a captivating (and almost soothing) blend of orange and yellow leaves that we tend to enjoy during autumn. 

    Price: INR 999 (sale price)

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    Bring In The OG Raw Fibers

    The Velvet Box

    Available on LBB

    What better way to feel connected with nature than to incorporate furnishing made up of natural fabrics. A handwoven jute rug, perhaps? The Velvet Box is all about tassels, earthy browns and boho vibes. Their textured round and square jute rugs are charming and will get you closer to your nature-inspired interiors. 

    Price: INR 1,800 for the round one and INR 3,000 for the square jute rug.

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    Get Your Own Nature's Basket


    Available on LBB

    This is for the people who have terrace gardens and designated outdoor spaces. Get yourself this sustainable picnic basket by DaisyLife made with 100% natural wicker. It has enough room to hold all your picnic essentials and can be easily doubled up as a decor item. 

    Price: INR 1,399

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    Add Some Wooden Accents To Your Setting

    Trio Wall Hanging


    Contemporary wall frames and clocks, bar trolleys, tables and more, Project Wood, makes exquisite (and functional too) wooden home decor and furniture. This set of three decorative wall hanging can be used to put small planters or even pictures for that matter. 

    Price: INR 1,620

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    And Some Rustic Tableware Too

    Yellow Marigold

    Available on LBB

    Yellow Marigold has got a crazy collection of vibrant ceramicware and kitchen accessories. We were simply awed by their tea sets in solid powder blue and yellow, their wooden bowls took the centre stage. Their Chiseled Wooden Bowl emits an absolutely raw and rustic vibe. Taking us closer to nature, one bowl at a time. 

    Price: INR 1,950 

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    Shop Conscious, Live Green

    Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Products

    Resort to brands that are eco-friendly and sustainable. While this may not exactly count as bringing nature into your living spaces, it definitely counts for wanting to adopt a greener lifestyle. This can be your vegan beauty, sustainable apparels and accessories, upcycled decor and just about anything that isn't mass-produced. 

    Price: INR 199 to INR 5,000

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