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Delhi's Best 8 Sandwiches For The Perfect Lunch

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Not a lot of food feels as satisfying as a sandwich that you can just pick up with your hands and go to town on. Whether you're someone who likes their sandwich filled with veggies and chicken, a strictly grilled cheese person or even a PB&J eater, we got you. We've rounded up 8 places where you can get the best sandwiches in Delhi.

And don't worry, we have none of those weird lettuce or tomato as bread, low-carb options on this list because, let's be honest, bread is awesome. 

Big Fat Sandwich

Hard to not trust these guys when it's literally in their name, Big Fat Sandwich has an extensive sandwich menu (duh) and you get to pick the exact bread you'd like, from whole wheat to sourdough. Vegetarians, you'll find fillings like falafel, tofu and mushrooms while non-vegetarians can go for the chicken, fish or pork belly options.

Only downside, all their sandwiches are served with chips, not fries.

We Recommend: Aladdin (chickpea falafel) or The Firecracker (African grilled chicken)

Price: Starting at INR 180

Brown Sugar

We know, we know, when you think of Brown Sugar, you're probably already dreaming of their momos. But Brown Sugar also has a ton of sandwiches we've tried over the years and they taste super comforting, just like the classic sandwich would taste from your neighbourhood bakery. Their grilled sandwiches have some chicken options, paneer and veggies, as well as a pizza sandwich section.

We Recommend: Paneer Garlic, Tandoori Chicken, Pizza 'n Cheese

Price: Starting at INR 152

Ama Cafe

Ama Cafe always makes it to the top of our favourite places to head out for breakfast and so their sandwiches had to be included, too. They have 2 separate sections for their sandwiches, some they serve for breakfast and the rest after 12 PM for lunch and dinner service. You'll find options like grilled chicken, BBQ chicken and roasted vegetables & pesto sandwiches. 

We Recommend: Grilled Chicken Cheese Sandwich, Mushroom Melt Open Sandwich

Price: Starting at INR 145

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The Grammar Room

The number of times we've gone back to The Grammar Room just for their Katsu Chicken Sando is a bit excessive but not without reason. It's served with a healthy amount of fries and super crispy, which we love. Vegetarians (or those with a sweet tooth) don't need to be left out over here anymore, they've recently added a brioche toast stuffed with nutella and jam to their menu. 

We Recommend: Katsu Chicken Sando, Baby Got Brioche

Price: Starting at INR 495

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Café Turtle

Hands-down our favourite bookstore-café, Café Turtle is completely vegetarian and we wouldn't have it any other way. Their Café Turtle Toasted sandwich is our regular order. Along with their Perfect Peach Iced Tea or Double Espresso, totally depending upon the weather. 

We Recommend: Café Turtle Toasted Sandwich, Crunchy Lebanese Sandwich 

Price: Starting at INR 325

Cha Bar

It's safe to say we love this entire reading out of a cafe scene or eating out of a bookstore. Tucked away inside the cosy Oxford Bookstore in CP is Cha Bar in all its glory. Lovely blue and white interiors and an amazing range of teas. And do you know what goes well with freshly prepared teas, a hearty plate of sandwiches on the side. They have freshly baked bread like white, whole wheat, multigrain and focaccia to choose from. You'll find options like Summer Cucumber Feta with mint; Celery, Chicken and Iceberg Club Sandwich; Smoked Chicken and Mustard and more. 

We Recommend: Cucumber and Cream Cheese in white bread; Shredded Chicken, Gherkin and Olive Sandwich

Price: Starting at INR 150 

Bistro 37

Folks in Noida know there isn't much to do around this part of town other than hanging out at Tea Shop and binging on everything from momos to shakes to sandwiches. Amongst the many outlets is Bistro37 which is prominent for its sandwiches. We remember ordering the Cheesy Corn Sandwich which was decent and the DC Special which was truly filling. 

We Recommend: B37 Club Sandwich, Popeyes Sandwich 

Price: Starting at INR 152 (approximately)



icon-placeAvailable Online

Based in Gurgaon, this one offers some really healthy Cold Sandwiches that are also super healthy if you're conscious about what you consume. With each sandwich comes detailed information about the number of calories, carbs, proteins, fibre and fat. It's nothing too intimidating, don't worry. 

We Recommend: Rosemary Avocado Prawn Sandwich, Cheese Potato Mushroom Sandwich 

Price: Starting at INR 229 


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Disclaimer: While all the places mentioned above are following the given safety protocols, it's crucial you take your own precautions by practising social distancing and wearing masks while heading out.

With inputs from Devyani Singh.