Tea-ping Point: Best Stops For Chai In Noida

    The second largest producer of tea in the world, India needs its cuppa for good conversation, relaxation and to get shit done. Be it black or milky sweet, or even just an infusion of some rose-flavoured tea leaves, chai has been the original coffee for students who stay up late, or early birds who need to brave the Delhi winter.

    Here we have some spots for you Noida peeps to find the perfect brew to get your day started.

    Tea Halt

    The tea specials here include herbal teas like chamomile, tulsi elaichi and saunf elaichi. If you’re willing to experiment, we’d suggest the Nawabi Kesariya. The biggest pro here would probably be the flash service and interestingly shaped cups. {The vanilla fruit infusion sounds yum}.

    Teasta: The Tea Shop

    A popular student hang out, Teasta is affordable and has varieties that cater to tea lovers specifically. They are known to make a super passion fruit iced tea on a hot day. The place also stocks packets of tea, and we particularly recommend the Moroccan mint tea. If you want a quick bite, the chicken salami sandwich is a good option.



    Sector 41, Noida

    With two outlets in Noida itself, this cafe churns out great bakery items and flavourful teas. You can find some awesome tea cakes and cookies to go with your mug of peppermint tea. Only the Aggahpur branch has a selection of teas that can satiate your tea-thirst, with jasmine, green and chamomile tea. And on a sick day, lemon and honey tea is your bestie.

    Tea Lounge, Jaypee Greens

    Tucked away in the resort itself, Tea Lounge offers a fab tea-time experience, especially with a patisserie right around the corner offering gorgeous pralines and pastries. The finest teas from around the world are on show here. And if you’re not too rigid, you can easily include the fruity, tangy iced teas to this mix.


    Fraternising with a range of Indian and speciality teas, this place wins the award for getting their tea just right. You can get a Paani Kum or a Kulhad Chai, making the tea drinking experience an original affair with the beverage. Keeping the classic Earl Greys and Orange Pekoes, they also cater to your food baby with their am-ay-zing wraps.

    Chai Point

    Chai Point

    Sector 18, Noida

    Chai Point at Mall of India is the perfect place for ardent tea lovers to unite. They’ve go a pretty good selection of both hot and cold teas. From hot ginger lemon chai, green chai and cutting chai to cranberry iced chai and mango spiced iced chai, there’s something to cater to almost every taste.