Love Reading? This Subscription Box Delivers Books, Notes From Authors & Awesome Merch

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So many books, so little time; every book-toting traveller, passionate reader, page-turning nerd, has, at some point in time, found truth in the words of late Frank Zappa. With choices one too many, and always on the wrong side of father time, finding a great book to immerse our faces in, may prove to be a challenge. How about a subscription plan {the best kind}, that allows for you to discover a new book or books, every month, offers an eclectic range of reading choice and delivers it to your doorstep? Enter the Big Book Box!

How Does It Work?

The Big Book Box is a monthly subscription plan that’s aimed at bringing more people into the reading fold by making them fall in love with books. How? See, each month, good folks at the Big Book Box, select a theme {Mythological March, Apocalyptic Dimensions, Women Of Substance, etc}, basis which they select a book or books, along with merchandises, knick-knacks which also supports the theme, sometimes even put a special note by author, signed books and fan letters, pack it all in a big box {hence the name}, and courier it to your home. That’s a lot of good work guys, keep it up!

Want To Book It?

Understanding that everyone is at a different level on the reading scale, the Big Book Box has four kinds of subscription plans. The basic category, called Frappe Box, starts at INR 999 and delivers one hardcover book along with four-six bookish accessories. The next in line Espresso Box for INR 1,599, Cappuccino Box, priced at INR 2,199 and the Mocha Box at INR 2,999. With each category, the number of books and merchandise increases. The Mocha box comes with one paperback, and three hardcover books along with 12 pieces of merch {woah!}. This is the one we are going for.

Anything Else?

Yes, they also have fan boxes. Suppose the only book you can read is the Harry Potter series {we kinda get it}, you don’t have to subscribe to the monthly plan, and instead, you can choose from the fan boxes like the DC comics, Jane Austen, Wonder Woman and more.

So, We're Saying..

We love it! We do. The idea of getting books, packed with author notes and merchandises, all weaved around a theme, not to mention the surprise of discovering the book when you open the box, take us back to childhood. Check out the complete range of subscription plans here. Follow these awesome people on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and stay updated with monthly themes.