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Night Treks, Open Jeep Safaris & Camping: This Place Is Heaven For The Adventurer


    So you feel like you need to be closer to water or maybe go someplace {not too far away} to experience some flux through water? We do most times and hence have found a great place to go over for maybe a four-five day vacation. Head to Binsar Valley River Camp and experience some mountains and a quaint little river running through them.

    Water, Water, Everywhere

    Binsar River Valley camp, on the banks of the river Binsar and at the base of Jandadhar mountains is a three-acre property supporting accommodation for tourists, travelers and volunteers, has a bunch of activities and some healthy organic farming to indulge in. It’s situated at Mangalatha Village, near Almora, Uttrakhand.

    The owners have designed the place in accordance with the natural surroundings. The fruit and vegetable supplies come from within the farms and most of the accommodation is constructed through sustainable means. If you really want to experience the wild {sort off} you should definitely head here with a group of friends or maybe even family.

    Don’t Wreck It Till You Trek It

    If you’re the adventurous lot there is A LOT to do here. From trekking around the river bed and in to the forest, they also conduct night trekking, open jeep safari tours, rappelling, swimming {in the river we assume}, river crossing, hydro therapy, yoga, meditation, bird watching, organic farming and sustainable living! Phew, we’re out of breath just listing these for you.

    They have packages suiting your needs, depending on the duration you’d want to go for. To know more or to book your package you can visit them here.

    Ever Camped Near A River?

    We love that their accommodation is so affordable and sustainable. You get to experience camping near the rivers through their mud huts, canvas tents or their bamboo huts {prices vary on what you pick and choose}. All have basic amenities and a gorgeous view of the river and the mountains. To know more about their prices, click here.

    So, We’re Saying…

    With some fresh organic food from their farm and crystal clear water, this place is magical for the adventurer in you. It’s a fun place to visit with a bunch of friends who love to trek or enjoy some water activities. Believe us, there isn’t going to be one dull moment at this place.