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Bo Tai's New Menu Will Have You Asking For Seconds (& Thirds)!

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What Makes It Awesome

Bo Tai in the Qutub complex is a stunning space right next to One Style Mile, Mehrauli. It has a unique spin on Thai food and does some pretty potent cocktails.

This restaurant takes its name very seriously. The stirrers, napkin holders, and the other paraphernalia are all brassy, metal wires twisted into the shape of a bow tie, the restaurant’s pun-very-much-intended name. The effect is cute and quirky, and it’s clear from its primo location and mood-lighting set-up that the place will strike a cord with the Delhi diner.

The food is nothing if not experimental at Bo Tai, and their new menu is nothing short of delicious. We tried the Avocado Carpaccio, Roti Canai, Charcoal Dimsum, grilled tofu and vegetables cooked and wrapped in banana leaf, their veg satay and their vegetarian sliders (which were blue in colour using natural colouring). It's been a week since I had the food, and I still day-dream about it. Their Avocado Carpaccio, has converted me into an avocado person! The variety of flavours each dish brings to your palette is just beautiful. I also believe that going to Bo Tai and not trying the dimsum here has to be some sort of a crime.

For the main course, we tried the risotto, stir-fried beans, and Thai grilled veggies with rice. While the grilled veggies were flavourful, and had just the right amount of spices and coconut-milk in it, what I actually enjoyed the most was the risotto. It was creamy and came with a grilled eggplant topping, which was surprisingly very delicious.

Now coming to my favourite part of the menu, the cocktails. If Bo Tai is famous for anything, it's their drinks (and they're served in fish-bowl sized glasses!). The Full Moon Festival and the Mcchanu's Riddle, both of these had fruity and flowery flavours, and were just right for those who prefer their cocktails not-too-sweet. I also tried their Negroni (they call it Naga Fireball), which came in a fancy jar full of smoke. The drink was just right, and malt enthusiasts should definitely give this one a try.

We also tried the dessert, Triple Layered Semi Freddo, Katafi, Gritty Milk - which is a creamy, frozen mousse served with katafi, but I didn't think it matched up to its savoury counterparts.

What Could Be Better

The restaurant stays shut during the evening (between 4 - 7.30pm) so that the staff can prepare for dinner. We suggest you plan your visit accordingly.

Pro Tip

We've also heard that the Sunday drunches here are worth every penny.