This Insta-Worthy Noida Restaurant Does Amazing Pizza & Choco Lava Cake


What Makes It Awesome

Bohemia is a very pretty, all-white restaurant on the first floor of the Gardens Galleria Mall. I've wanted to check it out ever since I first saw pictures of it.

Here's the verdict; it's actually smaller than expected, but beautiful nonetheless. I really like the colourful straw decor on the ceiling and the artsy walls. The ambience is quite relaxing. I’d say it’s a great place to hang out with a friend, or have a coffee.

I ordered a classic Margherita pizza and a warm Caffelatte to wash it all down. The pizza wasn’t bad at all—it had a great thin crust, but I wished there was basil on it, too. The Caffelatte didn’t disappoint, either. I liked it enough without even adding sugar.

For dessert, I was recommended the choco lava cake by the staff. They did warn me, though, that it’ll take about 25 minutes to come since it’s freshly made—so worth it. It was absolutely delicious, and something you should give a try as well.  

What Could Be Better

 I won’t say their service is slow, but it wasn’t the fastest either. 

Since my experience was with the more classic dishes, I can’t say how the others will pan out. 


Just in case you also have trouble finding the place, you’ll have to take the corridor next to the escalator and head to the balcony.