Every Book And Cranny: Book Stores We Hide Out At In Gurgaon

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Call us nostalgic, call us boorish, but nothing compares to the feeling of a book in hand, with a clean cover and that fresh book smell wafting through the air. Take a deep breath, and check out this list of book stores in Gurgaon.

Teksons Bookshop, Mega Mall

Erstwhile Teksons, Galleria Bookshop stands in the same spot as Teksons used to. Started over four decades ago in south Delhi, Teksons is a bookstore chain in the city. They are wholesalers and retailers, and you can find a series of education, fiction and non-fiction books on their shelves. Get books on business, children’s, reference and academic books, comics and graphic novels, computer, sports, travel books and dictionaries here.

Om Book Shop, Ambience Mall

One of our best known bookstore chains, Om Books has multiple outlets in Delhi and Gurgaon. You can catch most international releases, lots of Indian authors and a fun collection of coffee table books. There is, of course, much more— shoppers can choose from a variety of genres, a bestsellers list, a bunch of e-books and a series of children’s books. If you’re feeling lazy to visit a store, you can just shop online at their website.

New Midland Book Shop, Arjun Marg

A sweet little bookstore, New Midlands has a collection of interesting fiction and coffee table books worth browsing through. You’ll find quite a few books on history and literature filling this outlet. They even publish quite a few titles themselves.

Jain Book Agency, Central Plaza Mall

The Jain Book Agency first started in Connaught Place in the mid 1930s, and has since grown to be a reliable supplier of specialised books. If you’re looking for a fantasy fiction series or that biography you’ve been planning to read for a year, then this isn’t the place for you. Jain Book Agency is great for books on law, business, economics, education, politics and the like. They publish, market and sell books in these fields themselves and are direct, large-scale suppliers to the Indian government.


Book Worm, Palam Vihar

Our pick in Palam Vihar, Book Worm is a cosy bookstore. Get medical, law, college and school books with ease. You’ll find books for children, books on computers, fashion, and general knowledge and books. They even sell some handy stationery, if that is your thing.

Kool Skool, Qutub Plaza

A small store in the Qutub Plaza Market, Kool Skool actually has a surprisingly large range of books for the literary enthusiast. Ask for recommendations to suit your needs (as you won’t see everything you want on the shelves) and they will be happy to try and accommodate you.

Chapter 101, South Point Mall

South Point Mall is one of many secrets and perhaps one of the better-kept ones is Chapter 101. This all-wood, vintage bookstore stocks rare titles – collector’s items that make for worthy additions to your book shelves. Somerset Maugham, P.G. Wodehouse and an equisite copy of Lewis Carroll’s Alice In Wonderland – the books at Chapter 101 would make for a really special gift too.

Bahrisons, Galleria

The Bahrisons book store is on the first floor in Galleria, and to our delight, it has a cafe too! So, pick out your favourite book (they have all possible genres in the store), order a warm cup of coffee, or munch on something delicious while you read your book. They also have an outdoor seating area, perfect for dates! Since the Khan Market branch was loaded with books (not like it's a problem), they opened the Galleria branch. And I hate to admit, Bahrisons Galleria is killin' it (unlike many sequels)!

CrossWord, CyberHub

CrossWord has been our go-to book store since childhood! Remember rushing and finding your favourite genre to see what's new? Well, the CrossWord at CyberHub is equally as nostalgic. Although it does not have those small seats you can read away at, they have an impressive collection of books for kids, mothers, people into self-care, cooking, documentaries, yada yada yada. What I find interesting about this Gurgaon CrossWord branch is that they stock a lot of diaries, stationary, accessories and kids' toys too!

Quill & Canvas, South Point Mall

Quill & Canvas is a beautiful book store-cum- art gallery in Gurgaon. The place is somewhat segregated in two sections,  one of which is an art gallery and the other half is a book store. Although they do have a good collection of books in stock, their library is comparatively smaller than the rest. Quill & Canvas is an interesting and fun place to be, perfect for an artist, and the mall too, has a lot to offer.