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Bored Of The Usual Squad Scenes? Grab Some Beer & Hit This Neon Bowling Alley

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The Sports Diner is for fun, grown-up group hangouts. Take your love-hate relationships to the cafe for beer and tikkas and follow it up with a friendly {or not} match at the swanky bowling alley that glows in neon colours. Keep scores and maybe the loser can buy more booze? The opportunities at Hangout, Saket, are endless.

Right Up Your Alley

There was a time Hangout was switching things up with an indoor play area for toddlers complete with ball pools, twisty slides and activity-filled enclosures. It gradually grew to accommodate the slightly more picky, elder kids with a VR zone that has a roller coaster simulator and a shooting game. Now, there are six zones fit for anyone between three  to 50 year olds.

The addition that has us the most excited is the bowling alley with UV lights and neon balls. Your gang will love the trippy graphics on the wall as you battle it out.

Within a stone’s throw away is also a pool table in case a heavy-duty game has left you more bloodthirsty to settle the scores. In fact, you can even host a birthday party here complete with food and drinks at the diner and games like Pac Man {oh, the nostalgia} and Monopoly thrown in.

A Man's Gotta Fuel Up

No outing is complete without a good meal and the diner fares well on this account as well.

The non-veg platter is an absolute delight with its assorted kebabs with fish tikka and mutton seekh standing out as clear winners. The Kung Pao chicken/paneer celebrates the Chinjabi flavours we know too well. And, oh the veggie pizza with its perfectly molten cheese and crisp toppings… The taste still lingers.

All the gaming will leave you thirsty and it’s essential you grab some drinks. We assure you, team alcohol and team virgin mojito will both go home happy.

End the day with a brownie and ice cream. We didn’t care to experiment and seriously, no regrets.