We Found This Bread & More That’s Super Cheap & So Beautiful

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It was difficult but we finally figured the one thing that GK N Block market has that M Block doesn’t. Yes, the crowd is one. But also, the gorgeous little Bread & More with a veggie puff @INR 45 and a mini lemon tart @INR 45.

We Had A Piece Too Many

One look at the teal-coloured grill and woody interiors and we knew it wasn’t a cafe we could casually dismiss. The next thought? OMG, it’s pretty, but it’ll have all those lovely macarons and tarts at the infamous “GK premium”.

But the place turned out to be a real stud muffin – not only a looker but a broke person’s best friend.

Declare A Bread Alert

Next time we have a tea party or a continental dinner at home, we’re picking loaves of Olive Rustica, American Rye and Mushroom Focaccia priced between INR 65 and INR 100. But if you’d rather take the party here, rest assured that you’ll have a good time {we did, fo sho}.

Napolean Pastry, a flaky puff pastry laden with custard and whipped cream is a star. This riot of textures melts in your mouth and makes you forget every kind of pastry you’ve ever had. The veg puff is fresh and buttery and everything you’d expect.

Everybody’s favourite red velvet jars, calzones, paos, croissants, quiches, cakes, truffles, macarons and cookies and more are also waiting to be taken home and devoured. 

So stop being an M Block snob and give this tiny gem a chance.