Big Bust? 10 Clothing Brands Recommended By Women With Heavier Chests

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Contrary to popular belief, when it comes to fashion, women do have limited options and to beat it all we get no pockets, or worse - fake ones. In addition to this, society has somehow morphed into this monster that caters to a certain body type (read: unattainable mostly). The whole trope of 36, 26, 28 expectations, safe to say, has left the majority of us out of the loop. And for the lot of us who are bigger chested, it’s an uphill battle when it comes to finding bust inclusive clothes and brands that actually do a great job. 

We can easily say that women with heavier chests struggle when it comes to clothes, there are a million things to consider, from cleavage, gaping shirts, dresses, (buttons become your no. 1 enemy) and so much more! So, to make your life easier, and say goodbye to ill-fitting clothes, I chatted (and reached out on my Instagram) with women who are pretty happy to share the brands they turn to, for boob inclusivity. 


Rusty Rose Cape Top

Rusty Rose Cape Top


Faballey is an online-led fashion brand that is all about bringing to the Indian woman's expression and empowerment - that being said, they have something for everyone! Under the various categories on their website, they also have a “Curved” category which makes it so much easier when you’re looking for clothes pertaining to a certain body type.

Recommended For: A friend recommends them for their affordability, their tops and blouses that are perfect for daily wear. 

LBB’s Pick: Rusty Rose Cape Top for women who are slightly conscious about having a bigger bust, the "cape" style perfectly covers the area providing added comfort. 

Sassy Soda

Brown Printed T-shirt

Brown Printed T-shirt


Another one featuring on Westside’s website, Sassy Soda is your go-to stop for basic tees and sweatpants. You can easily wear their clothes for a job, the gym, or even just to step out to buy milk. 

Recommended For: Their basic T-shirts go up to a size of 2XL with a bust size of 51 inches. But that said, this one is not our top favourite as the bust increases only with the size. So, if you are busty but with a slim waist, you will float in this!

LBB’s Pick: Brown Printed T-shirt you can easily pair with jeans for a super laid back look.


Melville Coord Set

Melville Coord Set


With swimwear that is celebrity-approved by the likes of Ananya Pandey and Deepika Padukone, to day dresses for the summer. Recommended by a coworker, Tanvi, Fancypants has a huge selection of clothes across various categories including bust-inclusive clothes. Their size ranges from M to 3XL with bust sizes from 36 to 46 inches.

Recommended For: Necklines, quality of clothes, and inclusivity towards heavier busts. We love the V-cuts, wider necks and stretch material that accommodates a heavier chest.

LBB’s Pick: For a lazy day by the pool, or a brunch date, here’s their Melville Co-ord set.


Oat Melange Shirt Dress

Oat Melange Shirt Dress


Westside hosts a huge variety of lifestyle and fashion brands across several categories. Gia is one of them that falls under the “Curvy Women” sub-category. Their clothes are mostly suited for daily wear, or workwear from embroidered tops, and casual dresses,  to T-shirts. 

Recommended For: Casual wear, affordability. 

LBB’s Pick: Spotted a friend wearing this Oat melange ShortdressWhen I chatted with them, I was pleased to know that the buttons on the dress don’t gape unnecessarily, which is a relief.

Global Desi

Lilac Ethnic Motifs Straight Kurta

Lilac Ethnic Motifs Straight Kurta


Vibrant, printed, and everything ethnic, Global Desi has an impressive selection of clothes, from kurtas, festive wear, work wear, and much more. Their size ranges from XXS to XXL with bust sizes from 30 to 47 inches. 

Recommended For: Ethnic office wear with suitable necklines, cuts and patterns, relaxed indo-western options - by a coworker’s friend! The best part? Even the XS sizes are good for a size 34D as a lot of their outfits are made with some amount of Lycra. 

LBB’s Pick: Lilac Ethnic Straight Kurtayou can wear to the office, or dress it up for a festive day-look, with a high neckline and suitable bust size range that'll definitely be appreciated by bustier women. 

Dorothy Perkins

Sheered Bodice Midi Dress

Sheered Bodice Midi Dress


Recommended by Aakansha in our content team, Dorothy Perkins is a good pick because, not only do they have plenty of options for size and style, but they have cottons, a hint of Lycra, and knits that don't fit extra snug. 

Recommended For: A-line dresses, that are not just straight cut! But are styled with a slight extra cut over the bust so whether you're an A cup or a DD cup, the dress falls over your boobs nicely. Plus, their button-down shirts have a bigger margin of fabric overlap so there's no playing peek-a-boo! 

LBB's Pick: Shirred Bodice Mini Dress which is a good style for heavier bust women, since the style flatters, and is stretchable sitting well over your chest. 

The August Co.

Sabrina Balloon Sleeve Shift Dress

Sabrina Balloon Sleeve Shift Dress


They host a range of clothes cross categories from dresses, sarees, jumpsuits, and much more. What we love about The August Co. is that they make clothes that are non-transparent, functional, and easy to wear. They have re-worked the button placement to eradicate the button gape problem. All their shirts and blouses fit well on the chest, and all our bottoms sit well on the hips. Plus, since the ladies of team LBB have shopped from them, we can attest to this! 

Recommended For: Wrap tops and dresses and their buttoned shirts that do not have the gape problem. 

LBB's Pick: Balloon Sleeve Shift Dress if you're someone with a bigger bust and don't like lower necklines this one's great because the neckline's super high. 


Maddy Dress

Maddy Dress


An Instagram find, Shopkandr customises clothes according to you. They already feature a huge range of sizes from 3XS to 6 XL, with a bust range of 28-50 inches. Tried and tested by a friend, Shopkandr is all about providing the latest runway, and TikTok fashion trends - and they make sure to leave no one out. So no oversized shirts and hiding that cleavage here. They're more of a 'got 'em, flaunt 'em' brand!

Recommended For: Their corset dresses and made-to-order apparel. 

LBB’s Pick: The Maddy Dress from Euphoria! Need I say more? 


Women Cotton Blend Gym T-shirt Slim fit 500 - Turquoise

Women Cotton Blend Gym T-shirt Slim fit 500 - Turquoise


Everyone’s favourite, Decathlon is not just a store, it’s an experience. Safe to say, you can’t step into one, (or visit their website) without buying something. Now when it comes to their clothes, especially for women, you’ll find everything from T-shits, winter jackets, swimsuits, to leggings and shorts. The sizes here range from XS to 3XL. Being quite a regular myself I’d vouch that they’re pretty good when it comes to comfy, and inclusive active wear as well. 

Recommended For: Good quality, comfortable clothes and affordability. 

LBB’s Pick: Cotton Blend Gym T-shirt perfect to add (or start) to your active wear collection.

Marks and Spencer

Paisley Floral V-Neck Midi Wrap Dress

Paisley Floral V-Neck Midi Wrap Dress


They’ve already got a good name when it comes to size inclusive lingerie and loungewear for women, and that holds true for their clothes as well. Within their size range of UK 6 to 24, they have an impressive range of bust sizes from 32 ½ upto 56 inches.

Recommended For: Premium quality, long lasting, and sustainable clothing. And being in with the trends. 

LBB’s Pick: Paisley Floral Wrap Dress that is a perfect silhouette thanks to the wrap dress style that easily provides more room for adjustment, and is a flattering style for our bustier gals.