Buy Aam Papad By The Kilo And Other Confectionery Delights At This Old Delhi Shop!

    Chandni Chowk, Delhi

    What Makes It Awesome

    We all know about Khari Baoli - Asia's Biggest Spice Market, but there are secret alleys branching from the main market road which contain various hidden gems of the city. One such place is Gali Patasha or better known as Patashe/Batashe Wali Gali - which in real life is a wonderland for anyone with a sweet tooth. From crates of Red Bull and Rani to toffees and chocolates which take us back to the good ol' 90s, everyone can find something or the other to please their sweet tooth {at a very cheap price!} One such shop in the Gali is called Inder Nrain & Sons - where you'll find a wide variety of confectionery items. Although never on display, you can ask the gentleman for Aam Papad, and he'll gladly take some out for you {he keeps it inside the shop in a dry place, talk about hiding treasures?}

    What's My Pro Tip?

    Try to go to the market on a weekday, it is less crowded and the stock isn't out. Unlike most of the Khari Baoli shops, Inder Nrain & Sons is open on Sundays as well. Make sure to carry some water with you, and something to cover your nose and mouth, in case you're sensitive to spices. The last thing you'll want is to sneeze throughout the duration of your visit to the market.

    Anything Else?

    Ask around! It's not that easy finding the Gali. The shop is located almost midway. The shopkeepers are very friendly and will guide you in the right direction.
      Chandni Chowk, Delhi