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Dinner With Kenya's Massai Or Pasta-Making With An Italian Grandma: Try Byond Travel For Offbeat Vacays


    Byond Travel is a travel platform that brings together a community of like-minded travellers from moms, bikers and wine-lovers to yoga enthusiasts and even kids. It organises offbeat trips across the globe with local experiences and activities specifically curated for different groups.

    Why Byond Travel?

    If you’re someone who loves travelling but think that planning and research for trips is a hassle, there’s no better option than Byond Travel. This Bangalore-based travel company will take care of all the activities, offers luxury accommodation {4-star or above}, food {breakfast, farewell dinner, welcome drinks}, private transfers and also local guides who’ll help you experience the best of any city. All you need to do is book the flights, take care of visa documents {Byond Travel can help with this too} and show up.

    However, the real reason why we’re impressed by Byond Travel is because they organise trips to not-so-mainstream yet stunning destinations like Jordan, Croatia, Cuba & Iceland. They also help travellers gain experiences like cigar-making in Cuba, meeting the native Masai people of Africa, enjoying a home-cooked meal of Ema Datshi at a Bhutanese house and a lot more.

    All their trips are curated specifically for small groups {not more than 15} and the experiences are also customised, like the Bali by Bike tour {for bikers}, the Ladakh Photography Expedition {for photographers} or the Yomaste Bhutan trip {for yoga enthusiasts}.

    So, We're Saying..

    With over 500 global partners and having organised more than 2000 group trips across 50 countries, let’s just say that they’ve gained experience and specialise in everything travel. Check out their website here for your next vacay.