Chili's For Large Portions, Tex-Mex Fare and a Dose of Nostalgia

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American fast food giant Chili’s is great for delicious and filling burgers, Tex-Mex fare, salads and grilled steak dishes. Their cocktail menu also deserves mention for its large variety.

When at Chili’s...

We’re big fans of most of their menu – it’s comfort food that’s fresh, full of flavour, and always leaves us loosening the top button of our trousers {well-sized portions, indeed}. The dishes that stand out are the Chipotle Rice Bowl and the Quesadilla Explosion Salad. Both come in cottage cheese and grilled chicken variants {we’d go for the latter all the way} and are accompanied by a range of accompaniments {sour cream and a kick of Chipotle sauce for the former; citrus-balsamic dressing, smoky ranch drizzle for the latter}.

We also recommend the Chicken Club tacos {with their signature Fajita-grilled chicken and bacon bits} and the Veggie Tacos {mushroom and veggies, or paneer}. They come in sets of two, although we always add a third, because two are never enough.

To Drink

What’s Tex-Mex without a festive margarita? Chili’s has a range of options to choose from – we’d recommend the World’s Freshest Margarita or alternatively, the Corona Rita {with both tequila, triple sec and Corona, this one’s triple the buzz}.

We’ll Sign off Saying

Chili’s is one of those spots that has been around forever, but we never really tire of it. Their variety of flavours and happy decor is keeps us going back. For big family get-togethers or loud reunions with old friends, put this spot in your little black books! You can also never go wrong with their delivery – the dishes come super well-packaged.

Where: Find a full list of locations here.

Price: INR 1,500 for two {approx.}

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