Discover Sweet Nothings with Candy Shops in Delhi

    Hey guys! Let us take you to the candy shops in Delhi with our recommendations for where you can indulge your inner Willy Wonka. We love ourselves some unusual flavours, especially when incorporated into sweetmeats, and here’s where you can find some chilli chocolates, edible gold marzipan and fizzy colas. Don’t forget to send us some. Yum.

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    Nordic Kandie Magic and Chocolatiers

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    Sweet World

    House of Candy

    Twin Cherries, Pineapple Cubes, Fruit Jellies, Peaches, Fizzy Strawberry Pencils, Mint Imperials, American Hard Gums and so much more, House of Candy is your surefire way to some cavities, and satisfaction. The assortment of candies are “for the young and the young at heart”. They don’t do any customised stuff, but have imported varieties like mini marshmallows and gummy bears.



    Who’d have thought we’d be able to buy candies off the internet? Well clearly Candieskart did. Apart from imported exotic candies like Zour Bombs, Hershey’s kisses and bars, the site also has some fun homely treats like imli candies, chikkis and churans. Find your way to India’s only online candy store.


    Chocolatiers – The Chocolate Boutique

    The place is just packed with regular patrons because of their delicious chocolates and multitude of essences. The box-office hits are the coffee, cashew, bitter, ‘Bloody’ and Bailleys. Their rum and mint chocolates are what we’d recommend though. These are some quality chocolates at super affordable prices. {We hear rumours of sugar free healthy chocolates too!}