Channel Your Inner Blair Waldorf With These Handmade Headbands

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What Makes It Awesome

If you've ever watched Gossip Girl, whether you're Team B or Team S, there's no denying Blair and her headbands were iconic. My (re)obsession with headbands started after I watched the show again and I went digging for some modern versions of Blair's hair accessory. That's how I came across Choko, they're an online store that has handmade and customisable headbands and other accessories like hair clips and jewellery. 

The headbands come in a ton of styles with embellishments, beads and pearls in designs like flowers and rainbows. Got a Gatsby themed (Zoom) party to attend? I loved their pearly and delicate headbands for those. The hair clips follow a similar design and theme but the headbands win for me. They also do some pearl jewellery like necklaces and even matha patti to go with ethnic looks. 

The headbands start at INR 599 and go up to INR 1,599 depending on how intricate the work is. 


Want to customise a headband for a friend's bachelorette or want to know more? Hit the Enquire button and Choko's team will guide you through any questions.