From Batman To The Beatles, Get Your Hands On These Cool Fidget Spinners

Nitya posted on 20 June

You might’ve come across people who own fidget spinners or at least have heard about this device that’s all the rage this season. While some people claim that these devices are distracting, others insist that they reduce stress and improve concentration. If you belong to the second category, you’ll definitely want to buy these palm-sized ball bearing devices that we found online. So, go ahead… Happy fidgeting!

Batman Fidget Spinner

Honestly, who doesn’t like Batman {buy this already!}? This cool Batman fidget spinner has a normal spin of 40+ seconds. Priced at INR 145, it’s also a pretty good deal.

Buy here.

Little Hood Black Fidget Spinner

For everyone who loves the classic colour black and wants a slightly longer spin duration {120+ seconds}, this fidget spinner, priced reasonably at INR 149, is an ideal option.

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Glow-In-The-Dark Radium Fidget Spinner

Yes, technology is capable of producing great things and if you wish to take your spinning game to a whole new level, then this fidget spinner for INR 155 {+ delivery charges} is what you need.

Buy here.

Black Shuriken Fidget Spinner

With the appearance of a ninja blade, this spinner has stainless steel bearings that ensures a smooth spin. You might have to shell out a bit more for a Black Shuriken Fidget Spinner {that retails for INR 399} that has an average spin time of one minute.

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Colourful Fidget Spinners

Fidget spinners in bright colours like red, yellow, green or orange, starting at INR 150, are also available on Amazon.

Buy here.

Fidget Spinners By Sachihiro Goods

Sachihiro Goods has a great collection of premium and fancy fidget spinners like the Copper Tri-spinner, Matte EDC Fidget Spinner, Black Beatles Spinner {that we absolutely love}, Wooden Fidget Spinner and many more. Their prices may be slightly higher {starting at INR 399}, but they sure are selling quality spinners which is why most of their devices are flying off the {virtual} shelves!

Buy here.