Kalamkari To Colourful Block Prints: Get Gorgeous Cotton Face Masks From This Homegrown Brand


    What Makes It Awesome

    Remember when we used to step out of our homes with very little or no care at all? The only few things that haunted us were stagnant traffic, reaching late for work or having to think of an excuse for getting out of meeting relatives. The world has taken a complete 360-degree turn ever since. With a global pandemic chasing us like a hound, we can't think of stepping out of our homes without face masks and other protective gears. That's where The Yellow Collar comes into the picture. 

    Based out of Jaipur, this clothing brand has stepped into the market with some beautiful, printed face masks. We're talking triple and double-layered washable masks in kalamkari and other block prints. Mustard yellow, pastel peach and more - the colours on these masks only add to their charm. Now we wouldn't mind stepping out for some grocery shopping, would we? These masks are not just aesthetically pleasing but are also highly convenient since these are washable, which is great because we would hate to discard these after a few runs. Made out of pure cotton, the fabric is breathable and comes with an anti-bacterial layer in between. How cool is that? If you don't like to experiment with prints and bright colours, The Yellow Collar also has some masks in solid blacks and maroons. While it's best that we stay put but if we do go out for running inevitable errands, these masks make for good protective gears and are also trendy - it's a win.

    Price: INR 200 


    You can get these right here on LBB!