Crazy About Pies? Then Order Some From This Delivery-Only Outlet In Alaknanda

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What Makes It Awesome

Starvin' Marvin in Alaknanda is an awesome delivery-only outlet that was recommended to me by a friend. Also, he specifically suggested that I try their desserts and shakes.

A few days back, I decided to order a blueberry pie {INR 169}, an apple pie {INR 169} and a Kryptonite shake {INR 169}. To my delight, the food was delivered within half an hour. Both the pies were absolutely delicious & the shake was okayish {it was basically a thick Nutella and chocolate shake but one that was a bit too sweet to my liking}.

I'm definitely going to order from them again. Maybe I will try their quick bites next!

What Could Be Better?

Nothing as such.

What's My Pro Tip?

The Blueberry pie is totally worth it, you just have to try it once. But I have also heard nice things about their Mud pie!

Anything Else?

Plus, if you happen to love thick shakes, then you should really try all their signature shakes - Supernova, Nebula, Meteor, Quasar and Kryptonite.