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    Delhi's First: This Affordable E-Bike Taxi Service Is Good For You & The Environment Too

    Nitya posted on 29 November


    Pillion Rides is an e-bike taxi service that operates in central Delhi areas at an economical charge of INR 20 for the first km and INR 5 for every consecutive km. In this city where traffic congestion and pollution has become normal, we’re more than happy to come across this affordable taxi service and can’t wait to give it a shot.

    Easy, Economical & Efficient

    It’s no secret that Delhi’s currently a gas chamber and if all of us do our bit, we can definitely change things for the better. Doing its bit for the city, is Delhi’s first e-bike taxi service called Pillion Rides started by Karan Chadha, Pawneesh Rampal and Nikhil Malik.

    Launched in April 2016 as Promto and now known as Pillion Rides, the company offers taxi services in central Delhi areas like Karol Bagh, Jhandewalan, Rajendera Place and Patel Nagar {to name a few}. They currently have about 60 e-bikes with more than 30 riders all of whom have undergone rigorous rounds of background checks, police verification and are given proper training, so your safety and that of others’ is taken care of. Pillion provides hairnets that can be worn under the full-face helmets, offers insurance cover of up to INR 1,00,000 and the company has both male and female riders to ensure that a travel experience with them is safe, economical and ever bit convenient.

    Wondering how you can avail their services? Just call them at 82528-82528 to book your ride for a maximum distance of 5 km, expect a call from them and zip through traffic to reach your destination. You can also find Pillion bikes right outside metro stations like Karol Bagh & Jhandewalan, so hop on one and avail their service directly.

    So, We're Saying..

    Traffic, pollution and low on dough times, this e-bike taxi service takes care of all your problems which is why it has recieved a phenomenal response of more than 2 lakh rides. We really can’t seem to find any reason why you shouldn’t travel with Pillion the next time you’re in and around central Delhi.

    Check out their website for more details.

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