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The Chocolate Checklist: How Many Of These 20 Iconic Creations Have You Already Tried?

    Chocolate is the one thing that can fix literally all troubles in the world. Honestly, we’re always looking for places that serve chocolate desserts that hit our sweet spots. After checking out a whole lot of places all over Delhi, we present to you the ultimate guide for the times you’re looking for some chocolate-y goodness in your life.

    1. Mississippi Mud Pie

    Let’s just say that The Big Chill Cafe’s Mississippi Mud Pie is the best kinda chocolate dessert you’ll find in Delhi. With its nutty flavor and generous amount of chocolate, this is any chocoholic’s dream come true.

    2. Chocolate Pizza

    The Chocolate Room

    Malviya Nagar, Delhi
    The Chocolate Room in Malviya Nagar is any chocolate addict’s dream. We loved the chocolate pizza that looked like a two-year-old’s birthday party on a plate – piled with chocolate from its base to its toppings.

    3. Chocolate Cinnamon Iced Tea

    Jugmug Thela

    Available on LBB
    Try the chocolate cinammon ice tea at Jugmug Thela, which stands out from the other teas they serve and is some delicious and satisfying, it totally counts as a dessert in our book

    4. Chocolate Sandwich

    In the lane that leads up to the TOI building in Film City, there’s a food car that’s popped open its boot. Priced at just INR 50, Ajay serves up some great chocolate sandwiches with the perfectly sweet taste of dark chocolate  that lingers in your mouth, and we’re still reveling in how inexpensive it is.

    5. Chocolate Golgappa

    The Chocolate Golgappa at Social Foodie Inside is the ultimate indulgence for the Instagram age, with massive golgappas drenched in chocolate, filled with ice cream and nuts, and served with chocolate milk and brownie chunks in shot glasses.

    6. Chocolate Samosa

    Kumar Samose Wala at New Moti Nagar serves up chocolate samosas, which are full of dry fruit and chocolate, and all of it comes together to make for a stellar fusion.

    7. Chocolate Popcorn

    When popcorn and chocolate come together, only gastronomical magic follows. The next time you’re getting popcorn for your Netflix marathon, make sure you order Chocolate Popcorn from The Crunch Box.

    8. Fried Chocolate Bars

    Garage Inc.

    Hauz Khas Village, Delhi
    As if chocolate wasn’t already contributing enough to your calorie count, Garage Inc has gone ahead and taken Mars and Snickers and deep-fried them. The result is nothing short of a miracle. We say, dig in and maybe take a realllly long walk back home.

    9. Chocolate Crumble Ice Cream Roll

    Frozen Stone in Noida’s Logix City Centre Mall offers the yummiest Chocolate Crumble Ice Cream Roll where super chocolate-y ice cream is topped with chocolate syrup and Oreos, and is stuffed into a wafer roll.

    10. Coconut Dusted Chocolate Dim Sums

    The Junkyard Cafe

    Connaught Place, Delhi
    Found at The Junkyard Cafe, you’ve got to try this rather quirky version of momos. Yes, it sounds strange, but the wonderful combination of chocolate and coconut has won this dessert many lovers.

    11. Hot Chocolate With Baileys

    Smoke House Deli

    Khan Market, Delhi
    Smoke House Deli not only has a hot chocolate for you, but a cup of boozy hot chocolate with gooey marshmallows on top {it just couldn’t get any better!}. Get it here.

    12. Chocolate Paan

    Paan Singh

    DLF Phase - 5, Gurgaon
    At Paan Singh, you get to combine your love for paan with dessert and indulge them both. This isn’t the usual chocolate game; they have flavours ranging from Hazelnut Chocolate to Dark Rum and Chocolate. If you’re in the mood to experiment, then try White Chocolate Paan.

    13. Chilli Chocolates

    The Chocolatiers from CR Park make Chilli Chocolates {INR 25} that are de-seeded chillies, washed in Vodka, filled and coated with layers of chocolate.

    15. Chocolate Nutella Torte

    The Chocolate Nutella Torte is heaven for chocolate lovers, and is essentially a multi-layered cake with chocolate cookie crust and Nutella ganache.

    16. Potatochip Chocolate

    Created by Royce’, it is essentially a potato chip coated with chocolate on one side. The saltiness of the potato chip juxtaposed with the milky, sweet chocolate coating makes for a very unusual taste that leaves you wanting more.

    17. Chocolate Bark

    Cocoa Bark Series, started by Gitana Singh, is our fave place for barks/slabs of flavoured dark chocolate. While there is a lot of variety, we’ve heard that the Milk Chocolate Bark, with Peanut Butter Swirls and Crushed Oreos, is what magic tastes like. Get it here.

    18. Chocolate Fudge Jars


    Available on LBB
    Decadenz sell the finest chocolate fudge, with the most sinfully gooey taste and texture. They also have cute and quirky packaging with take-home glass jars! It’s great for gifting and for using in and on your shakes, waffles, breads and ice creams.

    19. Salted Caramel Kahlua Cake

    Our favourite thing from The Sweet Story is their Salted Caramel Kahlua Cake, which is essentially a jar full of oozing dark chocolate, with a layer of gooey salted caramel and {yes} a generous amount of coffee liqueur.

    20. Chocolate Bouquet

    Con Affetto

    Available Online
    Flower bouquets are rather basic. That’s why, the next time you’re picking out a gift, call up Con Affetto. They will send a beautiful chocolate bouquet your way. The desserts, themed as per your request, are decorated by hand. You can choose from several flavours, such as classic chocolate and vanilla, or chocolate hazelnut!