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Don’t Just Lay's Around: Here Are 3 Ways To Enjoy Chips Instead

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What Makes It Awesome

Ever since we were kids, there were very few things that could make us as spontaneously happy as a packet of chips. Whether it was a school picnic or a birthday party, no meal was complete without snacking on our favourite packet of Lay’s. Lay’s conceptualised a unique sensory and culinary experience at Milan Design Week, called Lay’s Chiperie. With innovative recipes by Chef Andrea Mirandi that can be recreated in the comfort of your own home, read on to try the recipes.

There are very few things in life that barbecue sauce can’t make better. For the rest of it, there’s always Lay’s. Try the BBQ flavoured ribs with your regular chip snacking session. The ingredients you need are Classic Salted Lay’s (1 pack), ribs (5), barbecue sauce (2 tablespoons), carrots (4), fried sage (4-5), white wine (1 cup) and vinegar (2 teaspoons).

Honestly, who doesn’t love a shrimp cocktail appetiser? Now make it one step better by blending it with your favourite pack of Lay’s! What all do you need? A packet of Classic Salted Lay’s, two shrimps, two cherry tomatoes, one red onion, one tbs of vinegar, three celery stalks  and three chives.

For the last one, take a twist on the traditional fish ‘n’ chips and make it fish with chips instead! Get yourself a can of tuna and your favourite pack, and wow your tastebuds with these interesting mix. You will also need black sesame soy sauce (2 tablespoons), a tbs of acacia honey and mayonnaise.