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    Doodlewala for Winning Wine Bottle Bags and More

    Navni posted on 11 September


    Sushil Bhasin aka Doodlewala is a cartoonist with 20 years of experience under his belt. He’s now launching his own collection of merch on Amazon.

    It all started in the classroom

    We’ve all doodled away our boredom during long lectures but those masterpieces were usually left forgotten once the school bell rang. Sushil Bhasin {currently the marketing head of a consultancy firm} unlike most of us, never put that pencil down and went on to sketch satirical cartoons for renowned publications {TOI, The Pioneer etc} and for his own blog.

    Take me to merch

    Although we love Doodlewala’s quirky cartoons on paper {and screens}, we’re glad he’s decided to take them to the next level. Think quirky little sketches on mugs, wine bottle bags, notebooks, scratch pads and lots more stationery items.

    The pebble people

    If you’re looking to add a dash of quirk to any corner of your home {or planters}, we suggest Doodlewala’s pebble faces. He takes white pebbles of different sizes and paints colourful faces on them. If you have a biggish corner to fill, we say go for a whole pebble family {we’re loving the bindied aunties}.

    Special requests, anyone?

    Sushil frequently takes up projects for brands as well as for individuals, in case you want a caricature or a specific cartoon designed. Just email him, discuss the deets and you’ll have what you want in a couple of days.

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