Make Your Kid A Baller Through India's First Basketball Academy For Children



    Dribble Academy is India’s first basketball training academy that makes an effort to train kids of all age groups with a completely different approach. They focus on mere strengthening of skills and creating responsible learning experiences for kids who intend on becoming ace ballers.

    What Makes It Awesome

    They have a number of training mechanisms that focus primarily on the core skills that enhance the game. Ball handling, hand-eye coordination, strength & conditioning and injury prevention are a few things these guys spend time engaging the kids in. We believe sports are an integral part of childhood and every child should be exposed to an activity that keeps their physical growth in check.

    So if your child is as enthusiastic about sports as he/she is about their new PS4, then definitely enroll them in this super-thrilling basketball training experience. What’s the best part? They conduct some basic but excellent training sessions for underprivileged kids too.

    You’ll be surprised how many urban-rural kids are excited about learning basketball. They train kids from Gheja village in Noida and teach them all about true sportsmanship and basic skills about the game.  These kids have taken well to the sport and some of them are already good with their tackling and shooting skills! They even award a kid every week with the title "Player of the week', giving them the recognition that will keep them going.

    If you’re looking for an active sport your child can indulge in, give these guys a shot. They’re dedicated and passionate about the sport and offer the best facility to train your kids the right way.

    What Could Be Better

    It's a great initiative and it's honestly one of those things that gives you hope and makes you think that there's good in the world still. We don't think there's anything that could be better, honestly.

    They're also pretty responsive on their Facebook page and reveal prices upon request, as per your specific requirements.