Dudleys Delivers Gourmet Burgers & Creamy Shakes Till 4AM In Gurgaon


    There’s a new food delivery in town and they’re doing gourmet food till four in the morning. Choose from fresh milkshakes, and burgers loaded with quality meats and imported cheeses and home-made sauces.

    Meat And Cheese

    Dudleys has evidently kept these staples in mind while creating their menu. Ever seen duck, quail, tenderloin, pork, chorizo on a late night delivery menu? You will now. All infused with cheeses such as French Brie, Swiss Emmental, Gouda and Red Cheddar.

    The Blue Cheese and Lamb Burger is on our wishlist.

    Shake It Up

    Think beyond the strawberry and the chocolate. Dudleys will send their milkshakes in glass bottles but the contents will be fresh. Choose from avocadoes, bananas, mangos with fresh basil and mint thrown in. They’re especially proud of their Tiramisu shake.