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You Now Have To Pay Extra For Carrying Excess Baggage On Trains Too!

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Just like airlines, passengers travelling in trains will now also have to pay extra money for carrying excess baggage now. Those who do not book their luggage in advance and are caught in transit, will be liable to pay a penalty, which is six times the fee for carrying excess baggage.

As per the rule, the luggage weight limit for a sleeper class passenger is 40 kg, for second class is 35 kg, and for an AC first class passenger it is 70 kg. The luggage should also not exceed the measurement limit that is – 100cm x 60cm x 25m (length, breadth and height). Even if the baggage weight is within the limit, but does not adhere to the measurements, it must be carried in the luggage van.

While this rule is almost three decades old, the Indian Railways will now be actively implementing it. Random checks and awareness drives are also being conducted to strictly enforce the baggage allowance rules. With this move, the Railways is acting upon the numerous complaints of passengers hogging up the luggage space with their bags.

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