Gifting A-to-Z: Splurge A Bit With These On Point Festive Gifts Under INR 3000


    Fellas, we're heading straight into the season of festivities and once again we find ourselves at the crossroads. Finding those awfully nice presents for our loved ones can prove to be challenging. Not anymore, we say. Decor to gadgets, we've rounded this crisp, nice list for festive gifts under INR 3000 that you can shop for. 

    Let's begin, shall we?

    For Those Tablescape Enthusiasts

    Coupe Serving Bowl, Button Curry

    Coupe Serving Bowl - Button Curry

    Coupe Serving Bowl - Button Curry


    Functional, vibrant and absolutely stunning is how would like to associate Button Curry with. With its tremendous collection of handcrafted tableware, the brand comes handy when you're looking for some ceramicware to gift those friends who love to host. This gorgeous maroon bowl can be used to serve curries, salads or just about anything that deserves a great display. 

    Price: INR 2,000

    Tropical Round Serving Platter, Brick Brown

    Tropical Round Serving Platter - Brick Brown

    Tropical Round Serving Platter - Brick Brown


    There's no getting over the Tropical theme, not anytime soon at least. This Uttar Pradesh based brand, Brick Brown, is transporting us to the ocean breeze and sandy beaches with its kitchenware. If you know someone who is particular about their serving platters, this Tropical Platter is a delight to gift. It being super economical gives you room for adding something more - a floral cutlery set, perhaps?

    Price: INR 900 

    For The Gizmo Freaks

    JBL Clip 3, Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

    JBL Clip 3 Ultra-Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

    We all know someone who loves to play Deejay at house parties. Or those wayfarers just waiting to take an unaccompanied road trip. There's nothing better than getting them a portable speaker. These ones from JBL are easily pocketable and convenient enough to toss in your rucksacks. Available in ten jazzy colours, these have a playtime of ten hours and are waterproof (say what). 

    Price: INR 2,788  

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    Mi Smart Band 5

    Mi Smart Band 5

    The thought of working out is sometimes more daunting than the actual activity. Now more than ever, since we're all limited to the boundaries of our homes. Fitness bands are proving to be great investments. Monitoring our activity levels, motivating us to exercise, tracking our heart rate (among other things) and keeping us sane. Think our very own personal trainer, only more economically sound. In addition to counting steps, estimating calories and other basics, the Mi Band 5 also lets your monitor your sleep along with detailed data. Take it from us, people would appreciate this more than those boxes of unhealthy sweets. 

    Price: INR 2,499

    For Those Who Love To "Liquor Treat"

    Whiskey Decanter, Nicobar

    Whiskey Decanter - Nicobar

    Whiskey Decanter - Nicobar

    If you're looking for minimalist home decor and accessories, Nicobar is THE place to be, especially when it comes to gifting. We for one love to jazz up our bar cabinets and these folks have some exquisite barware which is both elegant and timeless. Although we loved almost everything from their collection, if we had to choose one (gun to our heads) we'd recommend gifting their Whiskey Decanter with handsome detailing and a dapper cork. Once filled with the amber liquid, the decanter is bound to elevate any space it's put in. And while you're at it, you might as well buy their Nicobar's Sitara Bar Tool to complete the set. 

    Price: INR 1,250 

    Galvanised Bucket, Strawberry Collective

    Galvanised Bucket - Strawberry Collective

    Galvanised Bucket - Strawberry Collective


    Possessing a rather rustic, old-school charm, these buckets from Strawberry Collective make for great bottle holders. Champagnes to wines to beer bottles, these are spacious enough to hold two bottles at a time. It's made out of galvanised metal and comes in a set of two - a large bucket accompanied with a small one. That's not it, these can double up as planters or simply decor accents too. Talk about functionality, eh? 

    Price: INR 2,250 

    For The Decor Junkies

    Golden Designer Wall Light, Fos Lighting

    Golden Designer Wall Light - Fos Lighting

    Golden Designer Wall Light - Fos Lighting


    Lamps and lights are synonymous with festivities in India and there's nothing better (and auspicious) than to gift a beautifully handcrafted brass lamp to start off the celebrations. This one by Fos Lighting with mosaic glasswork has a timeless charm attached to it. Once fixed, it's bound to light everything up, both literally and figuratively. 

    Price: INR 2,875 

    Pomegranate Peony & Rose Candle, Suite Number Eight

    Pomegranate Peony & Rose Candle - Suite Number Eight

    A good fragrance is always appreciated. These hand-poured soy candles by one of our absolute favourite brands, Suite Number Eight, are spectacular. Stored in a graceful pomegranate shaped, stoneware container in a soothing shade, these make for splendid gifts. Best part, these can be used as decor accents and storage containers once the wax is all burnt out. You can store trinkets, dry-fruits or even dry flowers once that happens. 

    Price: INR 1,695