These Boxes Filled With Activities For Kids Are Great For The Summer

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    Flintobox is a subscription-based service which sends a box full of goodies which includes colourful puzzles, costumes and lots of activity-based stuff.

    Out Of The Box

    Flintobox has managed to pack a bunch of activities neatly into a box for kids between the ages of two and 12. And yes, different age groups get different boxes according to where they’re at in life.

    They come up with a different theme each month. For instance, May was all about animals and they sent across a box which had bubble-wrap mittens {to paint with}, sheets with animals printed on them, a string to put together all the art and hooks to hang them with. This, plus plenty of puzzles and an alligator costume with a story to go with it.

    The attention to details is incredible – they even included a plastic mat and an apron for those messy painting adventures.

    So, We're Saying...

    Flintobox is great for keeping the little ones busy with creative little games and learning experiences. We hear next month’s theme is cleanliness so expect cute little washing machines and little pegs to hang clothes with.

    Price: Starting at INR 700 per month

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      Available Online