Check Out These Five DIY Kits That Will Keep Your Child Busy And Help Them Learn

Thinking ways to keep your kid occupied as everyone is staying in? Do-It-Yourself (DIY) activity boxes are so much fun you’ll find yourself tempted to do them too! DIY Activity Kits have been the buzzword for a while now and it’s clear why. Kids simply love them. Be it activity books, toys, puzzles or maps, there are DIY kits for everything these days. Whether you’re looking for a subscription for yourself or return-gift options for birthday parties, these kits have got you covered. Delivery options make it easy for you to order from the comfort of your home too. Here are five DIY activity kits that we’ve found, which will keep your kids engaged and help them learn too the fun way!


Flintobox has been a pioneer in the field of activity boxes for children, and amongst the first in the subscription business model in India. With 5-7 activities each built around a new theme, these kits are ideal to help your kids learn and play simultaneously. The kit contains 5 to 7 hands-on activities (games, puzzles, books) that will help the child create, explore, play and read. The kits are designed with kid-friendly materials and curated by pedagogy experts, child psychologists, and game designers. You can order from their website and they deliver them at your doorstep every month. The three-month subscription starts at INR 2,499.

CocoMoco Kids

CocoMoco Kids (previously called Traveller Kids) makes fun maps, educational games and DIY activities for children in the ages 2 to 12 years. A great tool for kids to learn and play at the same time, each activity box is based on a new country and contains 8 to 9 items. Some of the items included are books, games, 2-3 DIY activities, souvenirs, stickers and many other elements related to that country. Prices here start at INR 249.

Zlife Education

If you’ve ever wondered how to make science fun, ZLife Education is here to help you out. With their emphasis on experiments, science made interesting and links to relevant YouTube videos, you have a winner here! The kit contains four science experiments with all the resources and materials to conduct experiments at home. Additionally, it includes science tools and safety gear and an activity guide with Youtube video links. Prices here start at INR 250.

Purple Bee

Purple Bee aims to bridge the gap between parent and child, bringing them together to do activities centered around a theme each month. Colouring, travel games, art, and craft — you name it, they have it. The box contains materials and instructions required to complete three activities. Each activity is individually packed. Prices start at INR 990 per month.


Spend time with your kids as they learn and explore more with XploraBox DIY kits. The activity boxes consist of various activities that will help enhance the cognitive intelligence of your child plus learning wouldn’t stop. Choose from different themes and depending on your child’s age. Each box consists of activities, story books and games.