This Beautiful Brand Will Make You Shine Brighter In Summers

What Makes It Awesome?

I got this pretty shirt from Zachi (LBB Shop) and was thinking of all the possible ways to wear this beautiful floral shirt. I was already in love with its color and fabric! The fabric of the shirt is super smooth and soft (as probably you might feel looking at the picture), a perfect deal for summer. I wanted the shirt to be the hero of my outfit. So, I decided to team it up with my white pants because I knew that would just accentuate the shirt more! I decided to go a little playful with this! So that is when I decided to go a little influenza style and tucked it half and tied the knot, dropping down one shoulder and adding some heavy jewels to complete the look. I loved the look! Hope you too feel the same about this!

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We make clothes for you and all your moods. We’re right here through the crazy weekend, a day full of chores, long family vacations, and the post-break up movie & ice cream marathons in the bedroom. Got you covered – literally! Prices starting ₹249
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