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Shacks, Sprawling Greens & Live Music, This Ahaata Looks Like A Lovely Resort

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Ahaatas have evolved from hole-in-the-wall watering joints to establishments like Forest Cafe.  It’s a well-landscaped, outdoor restaurant on Golf Course Extension Road that lets you BYOB.

Post-Work Scenes?

There’s not much you want after a long day, except a few beers, some quality banter and the comfort of Chindian {some say Chinjabi} food. Forest Cafe has space for all three. The restaurant itself is massive with lots of outdoor seating, so we’re going to be making a beeling for Forest Cafe this winter. Shacks with thatched roofs, a covered hall-like area as well as seating right under the starry sky, Forest Cafe will make you forget, temporarily, that you’re in Gurgaon.

{Pre}Game On!

Like all trusty ahaatas, there’s a liquor shop right next to Forest Cafe; pick up a few bottles of beer and seat yourselves at one of their tables. When the booze flows freely, it’s important to line your stomach – we hear the Dahi ke Sholey are really good. However, when we visited Forest Cafe, we went the Chilli Chicken way {classic ahaata food} and were not disappointed. The best time to visit this new joint is probably early evening on a weekend, before you head out to a club or for dinner.

So, We're Saying...

Winter is coming? Make your way to Forest Cafe.