Quirky Shoes Or Strong Coffee: 8 Gift Ideas For Every Kind Of Friend


    Our BFFs definitely deserve a whole lot of appreciation for keeping us sane this year -- endless laughs, some tears and more memories than you can keep track of, whether your friend is a fashionista or making big moves, we have something for every kind of friend. 

    For The Beauty Guru Friend

    Is your BFF constantly watching skincare routines and makeup tutorials on YouTube (and forwarding you those same 20 videos a day?) Instead of sending them fresh roses, send them this rose-scented beauty box by Laviche Bath Essentials with a soap, face wash, scrub and whipped soap that they'll appreciate so much more!

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    For The Jewellery Obsessed Friend

    Minimalistic Resin Half Hoops

    Minimalistic Resin Half Hoops


    If your best friend loves switching up their accessories, these hoops by The Boho Bling are a great pick because the classic shape in resin makes them super wearable but also unique. We trust your uber-stylish friend will be able to wear these in a million different ways.

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    For The Shoe Crazy Friend

    Women Solid Cushioned Slides With Buckle Detailing

    Women Solid Cushioned Slides With Buckle Detailing


    If your friend already has every type of shoe ever, they definitely don't have anything like this. These elevated, half PVC slides by Don't Call Me Princess are so unique and on-point, they'll become their most worn shoes for sure!

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    For The Fashionista Friend

    Women Scrunch Yoke Detail Blue Printed Maxi Dress

    Women Scrunch Yoke Detail Blue Printed Maxi Dress

    This maxi dress is an awesome addition in a fashionista's wardrobe; it can be worn in so many ways, dressed down with sneakers, made fancy with heels and accessories and the maxi length is so flattering! It's also super flow-y, so it's perfect for a breezy summer dress option. 

    For The Caffeine Addict Friend

    Signature, 100% Arabica, Organic, Specialty Coffee

    Signature, 100% Arabica, Organic, Specialty Coffee


    Spent hours upon hours talking about anything and everything over a cup (or 5) of coffee? Send them this delicious coffee by Araku that'll make a strong brew they won't get enough of. Also, don't forget to set up a virtual coffee date on August 1 so they can try it out with you!

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    For The Hair-Obsessed Friend

    Natural Hair Styling Combo - Hair Gel & Hair Cream

    Natural Hair Styling Combo - Hair Gel & Hair Cream


    If your friend has hair that is either always on point or can't be tamed, their mane will love these natural hair products by Arata. This hair gel and hair cream will make sure their hair is perfectly in place without harming it like normal gels would (yes, get them to make the switch already!)

    For The Fitness Freak Friend

    All-in-One Assorted Protein Bars - Box of 6

    All-in-One Assorted Protein Bars - Box of 6


    If you've heard your friend go on and on (and on) about the importance of protein in your diet and their protein powder collection has left you wondering how they have place for anything else in their house (and stomach) just get them this assorted protein bar pack by The Whole Truth Foods with flavours like cranberry, peanut butter and coffee cocoa. 

    For The Dapper Friend

    Cutaway Collar Solid Shirt

    Cutaway Collar Solid Shirt


    If your friend is hustling hard in style, get them this printed shirt by Tusok. Made with cotton, it's also super comfortable so tell us you can picture your friend killing it in this shirt already, okay?

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    If you're feeling the love, go ahead and mix and match things to get your friend something new they may not have tried but will love. Like your hard-at-work friend might love some new coffee or your fashionista friend might be trying out new workouts she'll love to have those protein bars after. Oh, and, don't forget to call them up to wish 'em! 

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