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Got A Caffeine Addicted Friend? Gift 'Em Something From This Coffee Themed Store

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What Makes It Awesome

So you have a friend who drinks coffee like it's water or a friend who you can't talk to until they've had their first cup of coffee. We've all got a friend like that or maybe we are that friend. I fall into the former category and wanted to gift my coffee loving friend something that wasn't coffee because, chances are, they've either already got it or they're super picky about it.

Enter okCaramel, the next best thing. This gift shop based out of Goa has coffee themed products like mugs and coasters that are super creative and super cute. 

Check out their coasters, like the Pride one with "Love Is Love" on it, or the floral one or even the one with some sunglasses on it. They also have coffee mugs - there's one bibliophile coffee mug, a heart printed one made, and some with their logo, the OK emoji. 

The coasters are pretty fairly priced at INR 75 and the coffee mugs are INR 399.


They'll be reintroducing coffee powder soon so stay tuned for that! And if you're ready to place your order, hit the "Enquire Now" button so you can DM them.