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Luxe, Chic And Within Your Budget! Accent Your Space With Deco Window!

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    What Makes It Awesome?

    Like to hear the oohs and aahs of your guest admiring your sense of style? Well, here’s a secret to spruce up your place -- pay attention to your window accessories. Curtains, blinds, the style of the curtain rods, these truly accent your vibe. And we get it, styling windows can be a challenge, but here’s a brand that’ll just get it done for you! Psst, not only will they help you with complete window solutions but also their product range will fit right in your budget! 

    Meet Deco Window, a brand that’ll plush up your casa! Often while setting up our place, we leave our windows for the end thinking they’re the icing to the cake, when in reality they’re the one ingredient that can make your cake the best. A gorgeous set of curtains can add warmth and make your space feel luxurious. Like filtered sunlight to enter your room in the mornings? Layer your curtains with a set of sheer ones. Wake up to beautiful silhouettes in your room by adding blinds that allow you to play with lights and shadows. Deco Window has a wide range of such accessories and their curtains start at just INR1499! Explore their unique collection of curtain rods, motorised track and choose according to your personal aesthetic! 

    The brand has more chic home essentials like shelves, door seals, laundry sorters to clean up your bath space, shower curtains and cushions to keep your space comfy. A great selection of garden torches that’ll make your space cosy for when you’re in the mood to spend a night under the starry sky! By now if you’re thinking to style your windows, Deco Window might just be the brand to check out! Look up their website for other stunning decor pieces and keep a check on their Instagram and Facebook for updates!


    A little confused where to start from? They also offer customised solutions and will help you through it all! 

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