Gift Guide: Thoughtful Gifts For The Aquarius In Your Life


    Offbeat, free-spirited, non-conformist, eccentric yet thoughtful, these traits make for ideal Aquarians. And boy! They are a delight to be around. Along with these characteristics of this "water bearer" sign, also comes their intellect, independence, and generosity. If you are friends with these Aqua folks and want to present them with something unique and memorable, here are a few options to check out. 

    Rose Quartz From My Pooja Box

    My Pooja Box

    Available Online

    Aquarians are enchanted by crystals and everything surreal and there's nothing better than gifting them a token that symbolises infinite love and self-love. Rose Quartz is a crystal known to have many healing benefits for skin as well as the soul. My Pooja Box has a special Rose Quartz collection comprising crystal pendants, necklaces, bracelets, charms, lamps, crystal love tree, and even skin rollers. The pricing starts at INR 749. Read more here.

    Energizing Rose Bath Salts From Laviche Bath Essentials

    Self-love and care means a lot for these Aqua beings and gifting them bath salts will make them super duper happy. Laviche Bath Essentials is one such brand that makes products free of parabens and sulfates. They also have cute and quirky soaps in shapes of unicorns, donuts, macarons, dinosaurs and more. Let them enjoy a luxury bath using these salts, soaps and scrubs that will soothe sore muscles, boost their sleep, detoxify skin and is 100% natural. The packaging is super pretty and a jar of bath salt costs about INR 650. 

    Candles/Wax Tablets From DOFT Candles


    Available on LBB

    One of the things that an Aquarian truly enjoys, is some quality me time! And what's better than this? When we say candles, we don't mean the regular ones. DOFT Candles are known for their signature wax tablets and lid-jar candles. The lemongrass-clove tablet will instantly refresh the room as it has natural dried lemon wedges and real spices. You can also gift the pretty elegant Lustre bell aromatic jar candles. The products are available on Shop LBB and prices start at INR 899. 

    Boho Bags From Maisha By Esha

    Aquarians resonate with Bohemian style and these Boho bags, totes, satchels, and other accessories from Maisha by Esha, a brand available on Shop LBB, will make for an ideal present. Check out the Aztec dual-utility bags and Aztec totes, monochrome bags and doodle clutches that will instantly up the quirky quotient of your fellow Aqua. The material used is durable fabric and the prices start at INR 399. 

    Aquarius Layered Necklace From Nirwaana


    Available on LBB

    Nirwaana is a lovely jewellery brand that is known for its handcrafted sterling silver and semi-precious gemstone jewellery. A definite Aquarian trait is that they love to be pampered! Gift them an exquisite dainty necklace whose pendant represents zodiac star formation. The piece is priced at INR 3000. 

    Travel Prop Stationery Kit From Carousel


    Available on LBB

    Being free-spirited beings, Aquarians are mostly wanderers and harbour the wish to travel the world. Carousel, a Pune-based stationery and home decor brand handcrafts beautiful travel lover's kits that comprise cute wall art and props that revolve around travel. You can also get a globe nameplate customised. Their range starts at INR 1200 and you can read more about their products here.

    If your Aquarian friend loves hoarding notebooks, check out this cute Aquarius-themed spiral notebook!

    Dreamcatchers/Hangings From The Tassle Life

    The Tassle Life

    Available on LBB

    The Tassle Life is an awesome fashion, accessories, and home decor brand. Did you know they have an amazing collection of colourful dreamcatchers? The floral flamingo printed dream catcher with tassels is their signature creation and they are sure to add colour and appeal to any room. They also have other dream catchers with printed hoops with cactus, tropical, kalamkari, digital, geometric prints. The prices start at INR 699. Go, impress that Aquarian!

    Forever Rose Box From Champs Fleur

    Champs Fleur

    Available Online

    Forever roses are long-lasting infinite roses that are basically real flowers immortalised using a special liquid. Champs Fleur, a luxury floral portal based out of Hyderabad has a beautiful collection of forever rose boxes and Lumiere Jardin, little floral box gardens (INR 2499). You can also gift dome roses. The gift is a classic but with a super unique twist — something an Aquarius will appreciate. Read more here

    Instax Mini 11 Camera


    Available Online

    While Aquarians love their own me-time, they also enjoy every chance they are around their friends. Aquarians are old-school lovers too. This Instax camera is a fun way to capture those happy moments, impromptu vacation plans and more! They like cherishing the good times forever. It costs INR 6,000 but is worth it all! 


    Want to pamper them even more? How about something from India's top brands, designers and labels, without burning a hole in the pocket? Head to this link, right away.