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Budget Travellers, Pick Ginger Hotels For A Clean & Comfy Stay In The City


    Who doesn’t love cosy and quiet rooms, cleanliness and friendly people ready to attend to every need you may have? The Ginger hotels (developed by the same people behind Taj Resorts & Palaces) is a chain that promises all the above without burning a hole on your pocket.

    Don't Dent Your Finances

    If you’re travelling to the city but are a little on the broke side, you don’t have a lot of reliable hospitality brands looking at having you over. We’d say that a spic and span room, clean towels and sheets, an inviting bed, a soothing hot shower, filling meals and a wifi which actually works, pretty much sums up all the essentials that we’d want from the stay. And, like we said, we don’t have a gazillion options to pick from. 

    This is where Ginger Hotels wins over other hotel chains. It gives you all the above and more (some of them have fitness rooms too!). The rooms are mostly standard sized that we’d recommend for solo and business travels.

    Worried about the service? They’ve made a promise that they make sure to keep – to assist you within 15 minutes of presenting them with a problem/demand (we’re obviously impressed). 

    There are two of them in Delhi, two in Gurugram and one in Noida. Train travellers, there’s one right next to the New Delhi Railway Station, so check-in easy. Also, all of them are easily accessible and you can find their details here.

    So, We're Saying...

    Who said being short on money shouldn’t get you all the perks? Whenever you’re visiting the city, just head to the nearest Ginger hotel and you’ll be sorted.