Now, Wear That White Shirt & Eat That Butter Chicken Care-Free

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We recently came across Harryz in Ansal Plaza, a shop which only does white, men’s shirts in a myriad of different styles using teflon.

Everybody Shirts

There’s no escaping the white shirt, even if you’re not a lawyer. You’re going to eventually need one for that dinner party or that important meeting or maybe just to pair with your jeans for a casual look.

The one problem we’ve always had with white shirts is the maintenance, and if the folks at Harryz are to be believed, this could well be an archaic problem as they use teflon in their shirts. Yes, the very same teflon which is present in your cars and frying pans.

Now now, don’t go about making omelettes on your apparel, but these shirts are, in all likeliness, going to stay as white as they were on the first day. No yellow excuse of a shirt anymore.

Cuff It Up

If you’re prepping up for a formal do, you may want to check out their tiny shelf of cuff links. They’ve got them in classy silver squares to the more elaborate mother of pearl type designs to even out that yin and yang.

So, We're Saying...

You can choose from different styles, plain, striped, dotted, patterns {these are all white on white so nothing showy about them at all}. Tthey start at INR 1,500.