Head On Over To These 5 Places in Delhi For Beer Under INR 200


    Ten-Second Takeaway

    Though nothing beats the price for alcohol at your local theka {or you know, Goa}, but if you want to celebrate around town with your friends, then you could look at these five places for cheap beer.

    736 AD

    736 A.D.

    Vijay Nagar, Delhi

    They offer you cheap alcohol AND historical insight into Delhi. If you’re a history junkie, this is a must place to visit!

    All of their domestic beer is priced under INR 150!



    Hauz Khas, Delhi

    A favourite amongst people who want to eat while they drink, without overshooting their budget for the month. They’ll serve you anything from Murg Seekh Kebab to, well, Biryani.

    A pint of beer starts at INR 100!

    Bunta Bar

    You couldn’t ask for a better post-shopping experience, that isn’t pocket-heavy. Follow your cravings for beer after a hard day at Janpath, and sit in the beautiful plush interiors, as you sip on your favourite brew.

    A pint of beer starts at INR 90!

    Taco Bell

    Taco Bell

    Vasant Kunj, Delhi

    Yes, Taco Bell! Okay, not really a “bar”, but stuff yourself with tacos and burritos, and drink away. No, nobody will judge you. We understand. It’s been a long week, and you deserve this!

    A regular Kingfisher is priced at INR 89 {approx}, and a pitcher is for INR 299 {approx}

    Cafe MRP

    Cafe MRP

    Connaught Place, Delhi

    If you haven’t been here yet, go now! It’s almost like the people running this place heard the conversations people have after getting their bills from restaurants: “How much is the beer!? But the actual price is so much cheaper!”

    All their alcohol is priced at MRP {plus taxes}!

    My Bar

    My Bar Grill

    Hauz Khas, Delhi

    An all-time favourite of students across the city, who have more air than money in their pockets. My Bar has kept it going strong for many years, and has now become a classic name thrown about when discussing places to go for cheap alcohol.

    Their pints begin at INR 79 {approx}!


    Take advantage of the rains, and head out!