Diyas For INR 1, Planters For INR 150: Get Crockery, Glassware & Pottery On This Street

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If you’re in the market for decorating your house, and you live in Gurgaon, there’s no better place to visit than this strip of road in between Jalvayu Towers, in Sector 56, and the CNG Gas Station.

What To Get?

Everything from a small diya {INR 1}, a set of colourful pots {INR 150}, to large ornamental Ganesha statues {INR 250}. They also have wonderful glass bowls, ceramic trinkets, and wind chimes, in a variety of colours. You will find a ton of wooden chests with fine detailing, along with cupboards, and movable closets.

Anything Else?

The wares, and items, keep rotating, so it’s a lot up to luck, since they sell out especially over the weekends. Going sometime around the early evenings on weekdays is your safest bet.

The people who sell these wonderful things, are not doing extremely well in terms of basic necessities, so try to help out in any way you can? Not bargaining too much would be a wonderful start.