Heritage Cottages, A Pool & Organic Meals: This Faridabad Farm Is Where Time Takes A Break


    Long vacations can become a project, but what if we told you that there’s a farm on the Gurgaon-Faridabad highway that’s god for both picnic and weekend getaways? You’ll be planning proactively, right? So, this rustic farm stay combines the leisurely countryside life with well-equipped heritage villas – and manages to be completely eco-friendly at the same time.

    Live The Quiet Countryside Life

    All the eight rooms, each with a character and vibe of its own, have been made by hand and completely in line with the eco-conscious approach. The vintage furniture and the love that’s gone into picking artworks, rugs and the little comforts, {yes, there’s AC but no TVs} come together beautifully at this underrated gem that’s just an hour’s drive from the city.  When at Laksh, you can go for nearby hikes, lounge by the pool, play Scrabble {or pool or TT} or just lie under their mango trees in a hammock and read all day. There’s also Bunni forest in the vicinity which can be explored through a green safari. Ideally, if we were you, we’d take a break from hibernating only when we were eating gur ki roti or free range eggs with homemade marmalade {the hipster in us is so happy}. Isn’t it amazing that their fresh dairy products and meals from an open-air chulha are all wholesome and organic?

    Join Them In Their Mission

    Another remarkable thing about this getaway is their approach towards community building. The last few years have seen The Laksh Foundation give back to the society and the neighbouring village in ways that are unimaginable. They have a co-operative where village women actively work towards sewing patchwork clothes, helping with farm work, cooking in the kitchen and in everyday running of the place.  The foundation also runs a free school that’s been around for a decade now. They started with 78 children from the close-by villages but now have 1,000 of them six villages. Even the students’ uniforms, stationery and meals are taken care of by the foundation. A big testimony to its success is the male to female student ratio which comprises 45% girls. So much good, right? All this means that you aren’t just staying at a good-looking place but also one that’s got a lot of heart.

    So, We're Saying...

    A family picnic before summer comes on in full fury or a staycation that won’t have you driving for five hours on a mad highway? Plan it at Laksh. The folks typically take 3-4 days to confirm bookings so make sure you’re planning with a little time on your hands. Just keep in mind that this retreat is all for sustainability. To ensure your mammoth carbon footprint doesn’t weigh this good place down, they’ll pack all your ugly trash including the likes of plastic bottles, for you to take home and dispose… They literally don’t have a system to handle non-biodegradable waste and it’s such a great thing.