Sip Your Way Into Bliss: Get Herbal, Luxury Teas Delivered From This Organic Tea Brand

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What Makes It Awesome

The art of tea brewing and drinking is almost similar to that of wine-tasting. Sounds absurd, doesn't it? The palate here too follows a similar suite of light, smokey, tangy, spicy and so on. It's time to turn into "tea-sommeliers" by trying out Himalayan Nectar's range of organic teas.

Established by two tea enthusiasts, Himalayan Nectar is a premium tea brand that sources one of the finest teas from Darjeeling, Assam and parts of Nepal. They have three variants of Whole Leaf Organic Teas - tea made out of unbroken leaves which are hand-plucked and hand-rolled after leaving them overnight. The Golden Needle Tea has hints of red apple and roasted cane sugar - for all those who like their teas sweet. Having a light, delicate flavour, Himalayan Nectar's Emerald Green Tea is the perfect anti-oxidant your body needs. The crisp Imperial White Tea comes with a fruity finish and can be savoured as a morning tea. The intensity and spice levels differ with each flavour and depend heavily on the way you brew your teas. Spring Flush Black and Special Spring Green are the two Loose Leaf teas that they retail. Lastly, their Classic Black Tea is made of broken leaves and have spicy and flowery notes of tobacco. Apart from tasting divine, these teas are ethically sourced and organically farmed. We can assure you that once you try these herbal teas (which also have a gazillion health benefits, btw), you wouldn't want to go back. 

Each of these teas is priced differently depending on the way their leaves are plucked and sourced. 

Price: INR 198 onwards 


There's no stopping us from converting you into a tea-enthusiasts because Himalayan Nectar is available to shop here on LBB!